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Christmas coloring page
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Christmas is almost here and it's time to print some coloring pages for yourself and for your children. Coloring pages are fun and it's a good way to spend some time with your family. Here you can find top 3 Squidoo lenses with lots of great and free colouring pages for Christmas. (60% complete, at least 79 words missing)
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Every Halloween you try and out do the costume you had the previous year or try to make a costume for yourself. Your brain is cranking out ideas but you just can't make them work or they just don't turn out at all. Below is the list of the Top 5 Halloween Costume Special Effects Ideas presented to you all on video. So you can see how to do it and to do it correctly!
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The Complete Secret Six Fanart by Flynn the Cat
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The Secret Six graphic novels from DC Comics were an instant hit, despite their short lived run. Most of the volumes are now highly collectible, and hard to find as they all pretty much sold out. A team of supervillains who formed a dysfunctional family as well as went out on jobs as thugs-for-hire, they were unique and interesting, scary, creepy, violent,...
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Craft Suppliers
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Published by katiecolette
Are you a crafter looking for reliable craft supplier who offers good prices on sewing notions? Could you use some tips on how to sell crafts online? Or may be you are looking for some easy sewing tutorials to make a zippered pouch or a hat. Here is our top 7 List.
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Here is a collection of coloring pages based on famous characters and Things.If you love coloring then you will surely love them.These pages are printable and FREE (70% complete, at least 60 words missing)
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Are You looking for free and printable coloring pages?If you love coloring and want to color various characters then you're at right place.Here is a collection of coloring pages based on Various Characters that might interests you.
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There are many different types of yarns out there to use for your summer crochet patterns. What you use is ultimately up to you, but here are a few ideas to help you determine what to use when it comes to those summer crochet patterns.
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Nothing beats a gift that is made out of your love. This Christmas stay away from buying gifts in the stores. Instead, make handmade gifts which will surely make you and your child's Christmas a lot of fun and memorable. Directions are found in the links. (59% complete, at least 82 words missing)
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Everybody loves this wacky impressionist painter. He may have cut off his own ear but he sure produced some amazing paintings in his brief life. What are the top 3 you may ask? (42% complete, at least 115 words missing)
Dot to Dot Worksheet Source:  Dover Publications
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Author: Peggy H
Sharpen yours and the kids' skills with these fun activity worksheets: hidden pictures, spot the differences, and dot to dot worksheets. (64% complete, at least 71 words missing)