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Free Crochet Hat Patterns and Crochet Patterns by LisaAuch
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I have a new hobby Crocheting, I love to crochet, and wanted to find the best free crochet patterns and crochet resources, fun, creative and so cool! who knew crocheting was so much fun. Whether you want to design your own beanie, earflaps or even cute animal hats, or perhaps just crochet an easy 5 minute crochet flower.
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Artists are creative people, and as such do not like to be tied down to doing things that limit that creativity. However, artists have to earn money and if they rely on selling their art to earn that money then it is useful to know what is likely to sell. I have reviewed a survey which was carried out recently, at my Squidoo Lens, Top Ten Subjects...
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St. Patrick's Day is a great day of celebration. For those of you who really get into St. Patrick's Day, I have some useful resources for you. Included in this top are links to cool, colorful food ideas for your St. Patrick's Day party to free printables and craft tutorials including wreaths and things like that to decorate your home. (88% complete, at least 24 words missing)

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In the 1970's, like many era's of time - certain words emerge and stand out in cultural or local usage - and the word `Heavy' was one of them in those `far out' days of time. When the word `Heavy' was used in this manner - it usually was at the end of a long deep thought process that someone was expressing to you - in which you would look at the person...
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crochet hat patterns
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Punctuate your wardrobe with smart personality changes. Accessories make the costume and it's easy to crochet accessories with these hat patterns. Now, you can pick what kind of crochet you’d like to make. You have an array of hat designs to pick from. You're the proud possessor of clever new hats for dollars less than you can buy in the store. Choose...
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crochet scarf patterns
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Creator: purplekitty
Ever wished you could crochet something special for everyone you know? This collection of crochet scarf patterns designs offers a wide variety of textures and styles, so you can share a gift of handmade warmth with anyone of any age. Give a rainbow-hued scarf to a girl who enjoys the limelight. Crochet a stripped scarf with your favorite yarn for a man or a woman.... (93% complete, at least 13 words missing)
human insects, digital art 2008
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An overview of an artist, writer, internet and multimedia developer skills. Joachim is already an artist since 1980. Today mainly digital, but he comes from a classical background. Besides he is a writer. First only short stories and poems. In 2011 he published his first novel. From his artistic digital skills it was a logical step towards building... (39% complete, at least 122 words missing)
Free Patterns
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The art of crafting is not just for grandmas and great-grandmas. Today, the art of crafting is for any person who has a fertile imagination, is creative and is very patient. When first looking at them, patterns may look confusing and difficult to do. However, in time, it becomes easy and second-nature to do. In fact, if you’re looking for a unique...
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Valentine Crafts
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Valentine's Day is a day set aside for lots of love and there’s really no better way to express your love than by making your sweetheart a handmade valentine. Valentines don’t have to be only cards. You can crochet, knit or craft your way into your lover’s heart with many different Valentine projects. Many projects are available for free, it’s...
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Red Heart Super Saver Yarn
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Yarn is the name given to any textile fiber that is prepared by spinning to be woven into cloth. But yarn is a generic description, and its real value varies in proportion to its luster, bleaching and dyeing properties, fineness, strength, elasticity, uniformity of diameter, smoothness, suppleness and color in its natural condition. Red Heart Yarn,...
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