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I became fascinated with Steampunk everything (fashion, supplies, jewelry) when I stumbled upon it while creating altered art and my artistic creations quickly veered off in the steampunk direction. I love steampunk fashion, from clothing to footwear and have written about both...I have made my own steampunk jewelry and also written how to tutorials...
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Digital collage sheets are high resolution images sized to print out and use in collage and other craft and art projects. These are the best downloadable and printable collage sheets out there, with high quality scans of vintage images. (76% complete, at least 47 words missing)
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Step by step jewelry making instructions. How to make a Scrabble Tile Pendant or How to create unique Steampunk jewelry, bottlecap pendants, domino pendants, scrabble earrings and well as where to buy jewelry making supplies on line. If you want to create costume jewelry then this Top 5 list is for you!
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