Can I Talk About Amazon Here, Please?

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Can I Talk About Amazon Here, Please?

I don't know which thread to put this, so since this is the lounge, I hope no one's too tired to reply to this.

Are you an Amazon affiliate? Have you cashed out?

I've earned $5.35 last year, and this year, I've earned nothing yet. Will I lose this $5.35 if I don't reach the cash-out level within a certain period of time?

Clickbank, Commission Junction and other affiliate companies forfeit below-cash-out-level earnings after a certain period of time, right?


I know clickbank does have a system in place so that if you don't make any commission then slowly they take away money from your account.

For amazon I don't know. I haven't really been using Amazon although I have an affiliate account, I never look inside, but I receive their email saying I didn't make enough for payment, etc.

Since Adsense closed my account today, if they don't re-open it, then I'll have to seriously try affiliates programs and other alternative..

Why don't you add a few Amazon products to your webpage and get up past the payment threshold? That's what I would do.

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