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About web hosting, I have several horror stories to tell, and in particular with 1&1, it was my worst ever but I won't repeat this story again, it was back in 2005 and I even spotted after that another shady thing they did with their captcha in their customer support.. Using only number such as 0 and 1 along with letters such as l, L, i, I, o and O.. With a particularly chosen font police you can imagine the nightmare to get it right just to send a support request that won't be answered anyway..

But let's get back to the best web hosting I've found:

My favorite web hosting since 2006

That's the one I still use today. I like that they have a status site, not hosted on their server, so that when there is a problem on their servers, you can keep up-to-date with how the resolution goes in real time.
But what I like most is their customer support by email, because they take minutes or hours to answer and not days! Usually when I contact them it's because there's something I can't solve myself, and I need the answer 15 minutes ago not in 3 days!
Also what I like is that contrary to 1&1 and others I've tried in the past, when there is a problem on my side, like my site using up too much resources or being hacked or anything like that, they first contact me so that I solve the problem, instead of putting my site down and then me finding out about it and contacting them.
But this didn't happen often at all, but when it did I was able to solve the problem quickly and my site never went down because of a stupid thing.

Also for the price, well I find them cheap, but honestly I don't know what is the competition nowadays for shared hosting space, because I don't use their shared hosting anymore, I moved to a VPS and a dedicated server, and the transfert of my site has been done by them on my request, so that was transparent for me!

One thing about the price that I'm aware of in the competition, is for domain names, because in this company I pay $9.95 for a .com with whois privacy and access to the dns records and that's it. But on others I know that they charge more, even more than the cost of the domain name for something which doesn't cost them anything and that's whois privacy. And I think this shows the mentality of those companies, and one I know is called hostgator because I tried them one time and then I got this whois privacy issue, so what I did is that I let my subscription expire, I never renewed with them.

Also a last thing is this company doesn't use cpanel, they use their own, so that means on one hand if you know already cpanel then it's bad for you, but on the other hand it means greater control and flexibility over everything happening on their servers, and I find the interface easy to use and complete at the same time, so that's fine.

This is my referral link, you won't lose anything by ordering via my referral link, but I'll gain something, if you don't want to make me gain something then just read the name of the company in the url and add a .com to it, and thank you for reading:

My favorite web hosting since 2006


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Nice and practical tips.

Nice and practical tips. however web host selection is a tricky and time consuming thing.


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