Best-Reviewer Now PR4 !!! Am I Dreaming?

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Best-Reviewer Now PR4 !!! Am I Dreaming?

I just checked 5 PR checkers and Best-Reviewer is now PR4! Wow! So quick!

Would you check it yourself? And see if I am dreaming? Or if my eyes are blurred?

Congrats, James! And to think that many previously high ranking websites, including
some of the other revenue sharing sites I write for, went down in PR! Even Google's PR is now 9. Hubpages is now 5.

Best-Reviewer's PR is great news for us who use this site, although it's already useful even before because its traffic is already high.
This is just a bonus. Now, you have more reasons to enjoy Thailand's beautiful locations, James...

Hi, it's true I'm looking at it today and I see PR4/10 but I think not long ago, like yesterday or the day before it was still at zero, since I remember replying on this forum to someone asking why there was no pr but alexa rank was ok. I replied that i had no idea but pr is not important at all, except for other bloggers/webmasters.
So now with some PR there will be more work waiting for me in pending registrations queue :-)
Thanks for the heads up.

Its really wonderful to get such high ranking directly from '0'. Congrats James.

Well thank you but I did not much, the ranking is mostly due to members linking back to best reviewer with their referral link and also because of members submitting daily new content to the site and also making backlink to their top from time to time. So my part is only monitoring content being posted and filtering access to membership both at registration and by deleting users who don't understand anything.
But still it's strange that in 9 months the site stayed at PR0 and then suddenly it jumped to PR7 it's not usual...

I know it's not PR7 hahaha..

Yay! I am doing a super happy dance here. Not only are you PR4, but I checked my blog is now PR3.

It seems there has been a collective PR update. I've read in the past that it was finished, that PR was now evolving site by site, but I've checked other sites and their PR has been updated as well. I've stopped looking at PR for a long time, but I still have an add-on in firefox which shows me automatically the PR of the page I'm looking at, along with the Alexa rank of the domain, so I kind of remember what PR have my other sites, and some have changed. Not shetoldme for instance, it's still PR5 despite having a big drop in traffic some months ago.

awesome news!

Awesome news!

Great to hear br is now a pr4. Many folks do not worry about page rank but it means google likes your site and considers it as an authority site. It doesn't matter what others think most people will now accept it as a bona-fide, good content site.

I really like this site cept for the red-headed monkey man with a brain is having a hard time accepting the image!

I agree with you, a PR is not important for me at all, I'm looking at the daily unique visitors, if it's above 1,000 I consider my site is doing fine, not matter what site's topic it is..

As for the image, well it's true that it looks stupid and weird. I'm waiting for a new template to be ready, then I'll spend some time adding my code to the new template, and then I'll probably put back the red-hair suit-monkey as the logo, or I could perhaps ask someone to do a logo for the site? I don't know, really have no idea what would be better or if there's simply nothing good or bad, everything doesn't matter.. don't know..

congratulation to we as a publisher are benefit from it and cold make some money

Yes, I'm surprised we're not yet totally banned from Google following the Panda update, perhaps this panda is very lazy and will punish the site once it feels like getting back to work..
When a big penalty will happen we won't be surprised, that's life, no problem, if we were worrying about that all the time we wouldn't be called the Best Reviewers now would we? :-)
Nobody can take us down, especially with all those social media sharing buttons at the top of each content pages, hope one day social media traffic will outperforms Google traffic.. Well we're not quite there yet but why not help out a fellow member today and share a few tops with your online friends network? Come on! :-)

Best Reviewer is now PR3 !!! That's wonderful, tonight I open the Champagne bottle :-)

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