Is Best-Reviewer breaking Google's Rules?

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Is Best-Reviewer breaking Google's Rules?


A friend recently told me that having multiple adsense ID's on one page is against Adsense ToS and quoted B-R as breaking that rule. Is my friend correct?

How come you have multiple adverts with different adsense IDs when all the other profit share sites use a percentage?

Hello, your friend is wrong.
But that's ok, because he/she's not alone. One can go to any webmaster forum and still find wrong statements about this in 2011.

Adsense revenue sharing (without using the API) has been used by many sites as far as 2004 (adsense dates from 2003) on Digital Point forum..

Myself I started my first adsense sharing site at the beginning of 2006. At the time adsense was allowing several adsense publisher id on a same page, only after asking permission.
I never bothered to ask permission, so at the time I was doing revenue sharing by having only one adsense id on a page at any one time, so the sharing was based on a percentage, like 80% of the time the page had the author's adsense id, and the 20% it was mine.
Sometime in 2007 if I remember correctly, adsense removed the part about asking for permission, it was now allowed for everyone..

Since then one can have several adsense publisher id on one page without asking permission from adsense. Of course the basic rule of having a maximum of 3 ad units, 3 link units and 2 search boxes still apply. but it means that there can be up to 8 (eight) different adsense publisher id on any one page.

If you want an official answer, it's easy to find but now you can simply get it by clicking here:
or by reading this copy :

Ads on the same page or site as another publisher

If a website is in compliance with our program policies and the company or owner of the site has given you permission to display ads on their site, you may place your ad code along with the other publisher's ad code on the same page. You will, however, need to contact your web hosting company or the owner of the website to obtain permission to display ads on their website.

Please keep in mind that a maximum of three standard ad units, three link units, and two search boxes may be placed on one webpage. In addition, please be aware that every publisher is responsible for the content of a website on which their ad code is placed. If a website is found in violation of our program policies, we will notify any publisher(s) whose ad code is on the website, and ask you to remove the Google code from that page.

Publishers are permitted to place ad code from different AdSense accounts on the same page as long as the owner of the website has given permission for ads to be placed on their site, and the webpage complies with our program policies.

A publisher will only be credited for clicks and impressions on the ad units associated with their account. Additionally, publishers are responsible for monitoring each webpage upon which their ad code appears to ensure compliance with our policies.

So, to summarize, having several publisher ids on one page has always been authorized but before the change in adsense's tos around 2007, one needed to ask for adsense's permission to do so, from this change one doesn't need permission from adsense, until the next TOS's change!

Hope this helps, and please forward this thread to your friend and see what he/she has to say and if he/she can back up with facts and not forum's threads, because I can also show you many many forum's threads that still say it is a violation of adsense's tos to display several adsense publisher id on one page.. People on forum are just you and me, there are not working at google, so the best source is from adsense itself, on official help pages, not even on google's forums since those are loosely monitored by google's employees and one can find also the same wrong statements uncorrected..

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