Best Review - Top 9 Ways Expressing Gratitude Can Improve Your Health And Abundance


t's funny how expressing gratitude and living in gratitude can change your life, your health and your abundance. Giving thanks and being grateful for your blessings creates a positive attitude and presence that attracts more positive changes in your life.

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The Healing Power Of Gratitude Increases Positive Moods

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It's amazing how the healing power of gratitude can have such a great effect on your positive moods, but it's not surprising that scientist are now noticing the connection between the benefits of gratitude and a person's health.

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The Power Of Gratitude: The Healing Power Of Gratitude - Showing Thanks

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Their is no question that the power of gratitude, is the healing power of gratitude, and that by simply showing thanks and having a thankful attitude has a positive effect on your well-being. There have been numerous studies concerning thought, energy, and mind power. How the power of positive thoughts can heal, empower, and manifest.

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Giving And Receiving

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Giving and receiving make a very good combination, but they can work just as well by themselves. Giving in the sense of tithing and receiving in the sense of allowing... using one or both of them will get you the same results. But I would like to talk about giving and receiving in regards to attracting prosperity.

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Counting Your Blessings: How To Really Feel Gratitude

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When you are counting your blessings do you really feel gratitude for your existence, for your being alive and here, regardless of the situation you find yourself in... or are you being thankful only when things are going good in your life? We all fall short on this and knowing that we do is the first step in changing how we view being in a state of gratitude. Nothing is written in stone, and that is a wonderful thing when it comes to enlightenment.

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Giving Help Can Hurt Instead Of Helping

There are going to be times when giving help will only hurt instead of actually helping. It could be motivational help, financial help, inspirational help or just being a good listener. And even though the desire to help is strong, it would be wise to look before leaping to the aid of another person.

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Words Of Gratitude

Words of gratitude and thanks can have a profound effect on our lives... and regardless how difficult our lives might get, we should always try to find something to be grateful for. This will be hard to do in difficult times... but try stepping back and taking a deep breath. Write down the things in your life that you are thankful for. Then give thanks for these blessings. You’ll be surprised to find all the things you can be thankful for.

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Receive Abundance From God

You want to know how to receive abundance from God? You want more abundance and prosperity in your life, but you’ve failed to create the things you desire. Well, there are no short cuts in getting the things you want, but there are ways to make the journey a little easier for yourself.

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Expressing Gratitude For Things Forgotten

Expressing gratitude for things forgotten is something that slips all of our minds sometimes. I don't mean the every day thanks we give to each other...even though that's important too, in fact it's very important that we recognize each other with a "thank you", when the occasion calls for it. What I'm talking about is the gratitude we show to the small, forgotten things in our lives. Things that are so common to us that we tend to forget.

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Words Of Gratitude And Thanks To Show Gratitude For Others

Are your words of gratitude and thanks enough to show gratitude for others? Do you have a thankful attitude, or are you going to have to learn how to be thankful? We all have to reprogram ourselves to be thankful for our place in life. It's easy to get caught up in day-to-day living and forget to show gratitude for our blessings.

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Scientist have now determined that yes, it is true that being grateful, living in gratitude and expressing gratitude will bring you better health. But it stands to reason that anything that eliminates negativity from your life, will have a positive effect on your health. It seems the scientist are just finding out what we already knew.

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mulberry's picture

I read through a couple of

I read through a couple of these articles. Great topics. Gratitude (and giving) are indeed very important but I also enjoyed the article about when helping can hurt. Enabling can certainly be a big problem in some instances.

Sandra's picture

Hi Mulberry, I learned the

Hi Mulberry,

I learned the hard way about enabling! We help out of love, but we don't realize just how much we are making that person dependent on us. By the time we do realize what we've done, it could possibly be too late.

I see this happening with other family members and friends, but like me, this is something they have to learn on their own. After all, life is a learning process. Thanks for the comment.