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f you like to write, there are many ways you can earn extra income on the Internet. You do not need to have a blog, or a website, or any prior knowledge of HTML or JAVA, or SEO, or whatever. How come? Well, there are already many websites out there that will let you publish your writing and make money off it, while they take care of all the technical stuff and even promote your pages by bringing them more traffic than you could ever do on your own.

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<a href="" target="_blank">HubPages</a>

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Hubpages is one of the best earning venues for internet writers. It allows you to post articles called hubs about anything, granting them a lot of exposure and a means for you to earn some money. It is ideal for writers who don’t have any idea about html or javascript, as the interface is very clean and easy to use.

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<a href="" target="_blank">Squidoo</a>

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Squidoo is a great website with high page rank that lets you write and publish your own articles. They make it easy to create and update lenses. A lens is an article on Squidoo’s site. You have many different options to make your lens unique. You can add photos, products, ebay listings, Orbitz vacation spot, YouTube videos, etc. If you are writing a review about a book or another product you can link to a specific ASIN so the person can buy the product and you receive a commission. No HTML knowledge needed to use the lens builder.

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<a href="" target="_blank">Info Barrel</a>

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Although sticking to the model of a revenue sharing website, Info Barrel offers a few innovative options to its writers, redefining the way average users participate in online media sites. Every time a piece of your content is published on Info Barrel, you are entitled to 75% of all the Google Adsense ad impressions generated by your content.

Top 4

<a href="" target="_blank">Bukisa</a>

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Bukisa is a publisher of informational & educational content. They are both a UGC website and an aggregator, which means that they will let you submit content that’s already published on the net, as long as it’s yours. You can submit content in the form of articles, videos, presentations, audio recordings and image slide-shows.

Top 5

<a href=" " target="_blank">Xomba</a>

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Xomba is not a get rich quick scheme, but with a little work you can earn online
and get back-links to your sites, blogs, hubs, etc. It combines article marketing and paid social bookmarking, all in one site. Xomba utilizes google adsense to generate income for you – the writer. Your adsense ads are run 50% of the time on your own content, the rest of the time xomba’s own adsense id is inserted.

Top 6

<a href="" target="_blank">Virtual Author's Assistant</a>

There is a booming niche market working with authors that no one knows about, the so called “Ghost Writers”. Virtual assistants are the hottest growing job market.

Top 7

<a href="" target="_blank">She Told Me</a>

This is one site that lets you do what most others don’t and even pays you for it. You actually get paid for bookmarking your links.

Top 8

<a href="" target="_blank">Best Reviewer</a>

A website similar to SheToldMe in that it offers 100% Adsense revenue sharing and you can post links to your own websites/blogs and articles on other places.

Top 9

<a href="" target="_blank">myLot</a>

myLot lets you earn extra money by posting discussions in their forums. You can earn $0.05 to $0.25 per post. Although this may not sound like a lot, you are not limited to the number of posts you can make in a day. Your earnings are updated daily, and a minimum amount of $10 is needed before you can withdraw payment. They pay via paypal once a month.

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i was success with hubpages

i was success with hubpages before they disable ads some of my hubs. sad :)