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s of this year, according to statistics from The Vegan Society, over half a million people in the UK are currently vegan, and judging on the amount of vegan recipes shared on TV, the celebrities outing themselves as vegans, and the amazing selection of vegan products at the supermarkets, that number is set to rocket up in the next few years. Conscious eating is officially a thing. If you're new to being vegan, or you're considering it, you might be forgiven for worrying that it is all cress sandwiches and Spirulina dust for lunch. Don't fret, you can eat so well as a vegan, particularly in London which is fast becoming a vegan foodie's haven.

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Pickywops is a 100% vegan Italian restaurant that you can find in Fulham, Central London, West Brompton and London City Airport. They are open for lunch and dinner and offer innovative Italian food such as vegan almond ricotta stuffed pizza topped with seitan doner meat and all the trimmings. With that in mind, you won't be surprised to know they are booked up every day, so make reservations in advance if you want to enjoy the hottest vegan pizzeria in London!

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Temple Of Hackney

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Loved by the likes of Ellie Goulding and Russell Brand, this is the UK's first vegan chicken shop and since opening they've been selling out of stock daily because their food is so good. Expect delicious mac and cheese, fried chicken buckets and loaded fries, as well as high quality drinks.

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Fed By Water

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Fed By Water opened initially as an all Italian eatery serving meat and vegetarian dishes as well as offering a vegan menu. Because so many plant based enthusiasts have been visiting and sharing the news about the place, Fed By Water in Hackney has since become 100% vegan. Expect authentic Italian pizza and pasta, and the biggest calzones you have ever seen. Plus delicious raw and cooked deserts for afters.

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Cookies & Scream

If you are a vegan with a sweet tooth then Cookies & Scream needs to be top of your hit list when visiting London. Although the bakery in Camden sadly was destroyed in a recent fire, the bakery on Holloway Road still stands to provide plant based sweet lovers with delicious treats like Scream Shakes (cookies or brownies blended with vegan ice cream), pies and donuts.

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Mildreds is based in Camden and Soho and offers both vegetarian and vegan food. This is a great menu if you are a fussy eater or want to eat out with a fussy eater, as the menu is so varied. From tasty stacked burgers to the most delicious gyoza and dip, there's something for everyone at Mildreds.

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If you're not a fan of vegan junk food, or you like to mix up your plant based diet with innovative raw dishes like smoothies and salads, then Rawligion is the ideal lunch spot for you.

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One of the worst parts of being vegan and an ice cream lover is seeing your dairy eating friends get to visit delicious ice cream parlours with tons of toppings and enjoy a proper ice cream sundae. That was until Yorica opened! The products are entirely vegan and delicious, and you can make a really amazing vegan sundae complete with any topping you can imagine. They also sell shakes, crepes and waffles.

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Pomodero E Basilico

Based in trendy Brick Lane, this food stall has found fame with innovative and delicious vegan food. Pizzas, breads and cakes are on offer, as well as rainbow bagels and the famous Unicorn Burger, a sweet burger comprised of toasted coconut and beetroot bread, with peach and basil jam, avocado, peanut butter, chocolate sauce and a special magical patty. This is exciting vegan food!

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Ms Cupcake

Ms Cupcake is herself, a bubbly, excitable and enthusiastic force of nature who has provided the real downright dirty and delicious cookies and cakes of America and Canada to be accessible to us Brits. There's no messing around with any superfood ingredients, this is pure delicious sweet junk food and the most stunning vegan cupcakes you will ever have in the UK. There are also milkshakes, sandwiches and other vegan takeaway foods on offer.

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As you can see, you really don't have to live off cork and sawdust when you opt to live a compassionate lifestyle as a vegan. You can eat just as much junk food as anybody else, the only difference is, nobody got harmed in the making, apart from perhaps your bank balance as you want to keep going back and buying more! There's a whole world of plant based deliciousness out there for you to discover just in one city. Praise Seitan for London's vegan offerings!

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