Best Review - Top 9 Treadmills for 2012


ooking at fitness equipment for the home? Take these 9 treadmills and see what makes them tick by visiting the full-fledged reviews. These 9 models will make 2012 seem like the year of the treadmill for serious runners and fitness nuts.

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Smooth Fitness 9.65LC

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The first up is the Smooth Fitness 9.65LC, or "light commercial" treadmill. This is a serious runner's treadmill and gives anything from Landice and PaceMaster a run for their money (pun intended). What sets it apart is an exceptional deck with shock-absorbent features, the sound system which is above-par, an enormous 4.0 CHP motor and huge running deck. Oh, not to mention the Lifetime Warranty and 2 years of in-home labor (can't be beat).

Top 2

Smooth Fitness 9.65TV

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The Smooth 9.65 model comes in two styles, the TV or LC model. There are a couple of main differences, but both are tied for first place if you will. First, the TV has an in-built 10.5" LCD television, but more importantly it has 55 workout programs (the LC has 28). There is not much of a price difference, but the 9.65TV is priced higher (and smartly priced, too - if you want a television, this is the one to get).

Top 3

Yowza Fitness Daytona

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This treadmill from Yowza Fitness features some patented technology not found anywhere else, like the IWM or "Intelligent Workout Management" system (trademarked), which includes a free wireless scale. You simply step on the scale and the treadmill gives you a workout optimized for your BMI rating, to help you lose weight (simple). Another feature worth noting is the SwingArm (tm) shock-absorber system, which combined with the floating deck supported by progressive-durometer elastomer rings makes this the smoothest treadmill ever. It's great on the joints!

Top 4

Yowza Fitness Sebring

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This is the top model for Yowza Fitness in their folding treadmill category. Like the Daytona, Sebring will offer the IWM (tm) technology and free wireless scale for a great workout and plug-and-play action. Also, it includes a patented Tranformer (tm) frame which will transform from folded to un-folded at the push of a button. Besides that, the Sebring presents a surprisingly firm and stable running deck for a folding treadmill, which is a benefit to the Transformer (tm) technology.

Top 5

Yowza Fitness Osprey

The Yowza Osprey is another folding treadmill from Yowza Fitness, and is also on the Tranformer (tm) frame. It can't be over-stated that the frame is very stable even if it is a folding treadmill. All their treadmills feature a floating deck supported by a smart cushion of elastomer rings, which give just the right support in the rear while absorbing shock in the front of the treadmill.

Top 6

Smooth Fitness 6.75

The Smooth 6.75 treadmill is almost a classic treadmill - but it's been re-released for 2011 and improved on older models. First, the warranty is great, but the overall value here is the big thing: it has a generous and full-sized deck, supported by an intelligent system of 8-points of support. In the front, it flexes more than in the rear, much like Yowza Fitness. The generous amount of workout programs and other features make this a sure-fire winner.

Top 7

Smooth Fitness 5.65

The Smooth 5.65 is another "classic" in Smooth's lineup, and has won its share of awards for best value across the fitness publishing world. One reason for that is that it simply lasts years and can take abuse, with a motor that is guaranteed for life and the horsepower for most treadmill workouts.

Top 8

Yowza Fitness Smyrna

The Yowza Smyrna is a great running treadmill, meaning it doesn't fold up but it is a great value. The treadmill has a full-sized deck, supported with a smart cushion of rubber rings on a floating deck. All components are solid and the workout programs are perfect for serious running.

Top 9

Yowza Siesta

Rounding off the list is the entry-level folding treadmill from Yowza Fitness, the Siesta treadmill. This is not your ordinary folding treadmill - it features the industry's best support system to absorb shock (in my experience), the SwingArm (tm) technology AND Yowza's floating deck design. These two shock-absorbing systems are great on the joints and truly set this entry-level folding treadmill in a class its own.

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As you can see, these treadmills for 2012 have a lot to offer, and we invite you to read the in-depth reviews to find out precisely what makes each tick. It's the year of the runner in 2012, be sure to shop smart and read these in-depth reviews (or leave your own at the site).

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