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any internet marketers start out with very little formal study on the topic behind them. They build a website or blog and then begin their journey through the school of hard knocks to learn how to grow their business. There is plenty of information out there for internet marketing beginners to sift through. Some of it is useful, some of it may point them in the wrong direction. Here you'll find a few articles that can get you started on your way. No fluff, just the facts for true beginners.

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Search Engine Optimization

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Knowing a bit about search engine optimization can assure that all of the webpages you make will get the respect they deserve from search engines. Good SEO can help push your pages closer to the top of search results and bring visitors as a result. Don't ignore this important aspect of building webpages.

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Backlinks in Blog and Website Promotion

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In an effort to get search engines to show your pages when visitors search on related terms, you need to be recognized as an authority. Backlinks can be critical in getting this recognition. This article provides just the basics about backlinking and it's role in promoting your website, blog, or other pages.

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Social Bookmarking For Those Who Don't Get It

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Beginners see it everywhere. Social bookmarking is critical in promoting your work and gaining more traffic. Ideally, you'll go viral! This is a good article to review before you get started.

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How To Increase Your AdSense Revenue

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Once you start earning a bit of revenue, you need to think about how you'll squeeze more money out of your work. This page covers just a few basics for internet marketing beginners.

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Article Writing Tips

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Once a beginner realizes they need to write articles on topics surrounding their niche, they may find they are stuck on how to come up with article topics that are useful for readers. Here are some very basic ideas.

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Critical HTML for Beginning Internet Marketers

Knowing HTML and CSS can certainly make your work online easier. However, you may not have time right away to really dig in and become an expert at either one. In your first few weeks online however, there are a few basics that can make your work look more readable and your links more useful.

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Keeping Your Website Content Fresh

You build a great website and work to promote it but it still seems to languish in search results. Visitors don't stay on your pages. What can you do? There's plenty of things you can do of course, but one simple thing to consider is keeping your website updated and fresh. Visitors need good content, that's new every time they stop by. Fresh content will also keep search engines impressed with your site.

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Keyword Basics

Before you put together your website pages, your blog, or any article you should probably understand keywords and their importance in getting your work found by searchers on the internet. This article will cover the basics, there are certainly more comprehensive tools, but this will give you a start.

Top 9

How to Get Photos For Your Web Pages

For a web page or article to look appealing and professional, you need photos. A page without photos to break up the text can be intimidating or just plain unattractive. While using your own shots is ideal, there are other sources where you can find great looking images to use that won't cost you a dime. Learn where to find these image sources and how to make use of them.

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Certainly, the information presented here won't make you an expert. However, it will give you some of the basics to make sure you can start your internet marketing endeavor off on the right foot and proceed with confidence.

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aysha_19's picture

These are certainly very

These are certainly very useful tips for the beginner internet marketer. I hope we all can reap the benefits of this growing industry. Thanks for sharing

poddys's picture

Very good tips to know.

Very good tips to know. Although many of us know some of them and put them into practice, we often forget the rest.

a visitor's picture

You are a gem! Thanks for all

You are a gem! Thanks for all your tips

BrianRS's picture

Hi Mulberry, You were quick

Hi Mulberry,

You were quick off the mark on this, you have got some great tops here as well, but I particularly like this one on Internet marketing. Especially as I have seen how prolific you are and successful. I think anyone visiting this should pay your tips the proper attention if they want to succeed at Internet marketing. Well your tips and mine :-)