Best Review - Top 9 Things to Expect When You First Start Wearing Prescription Glasses


hen you first start wearing prescription glasses there is a lot of good and bad things you will discover. It's a really big adjustment and that's something people don't often mention about wearing glasses.

When I went and got my eyes tested last year I found out I would have to wear glasses and I didn't really know what to expect - I didn't even know I had poor eyesight!

Now a year on I want to help out other people in the same situation by giving you a list of what you should expect when you first start wearing prescription glasses.

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Top 9

Clarity of Vision!

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You will be shocked at the detail in the world that you didn't knwo was there. For me it was like switching over to Hi Def TV but in Real Life.

Top 8

Glasses May Give You Headaches

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Getting used to new vision is quite an adjustment and you will likely have to go through a few headaches.

Top 7

Mild Dizziness When Adjusting to Glasses

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A mild dizziness is to be expected, however if it lasts for longer than a week it's worth checking back into your optometrist.

Top 6

Sore, Tired and Itchy Eyes

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Even a year on if I go a long time without my glasses my eyes can get quite tired and sore. When you are first getting used to them this will happen a lot, glasses on or off.

Top 5

Glasses Will Make Your Ears, Nose and Head Sore

This will eventually get better but sometimes things like headphones can make them hurt more.

Top 4

You Will Constantly Have to Clean Your Glasses

This is by far the worst part of having glasses. They are ALWAYS dirty. It seems like cleaning them only makes them worse. This can be made a little bit better with the aid of a good cleaning cloth though.

Top 3

Expect to Lose Your Glasses Often

I am always trying to remember where I last put my glasses. They are just another thing to lose and unlike your phone you can't ring them to find them. I came up with some ways to deal with this, just check out the link above.

Top 2

Other People Will take Time to Get Used to You Wearing Glasses

It's a bit of an adjustment for other people too. The best tip I can give you is to embrace the look and act as confident as you can. If you rock the new look other people will love it.

Top 1

You Will Feel Smarter Wearing Glasses

Okay, this may not be 100% true but it is a possibility. I feel a bit more studious when I put my glasses on. It may just be that I can read more easily but I like to think it has something to do with magical glasses powers.

Do you like this top?

I hope this list has helped you out and armed you with he knowledge to adjust to your new lifestyle.

Thanks for reading!

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