Best Review - Top 9 Stocking Stuffers for Backpackers and Travelers


tockings are my favourite part of Christmas morning - lot's of little, meaningful gifts! There's something about the gifts in your stocking being so personalized, which makes them amazing! If you're looking to fill the stocking of someone who is about to set off backpacking or is an avid traveler, I've got some great stocking stuffers for you! As a backpacker and traveler myself, I feel confident to say that these are all useful gifts that I either own, or would like! *hint, hint, Santa*

Each stocking stuffer idea has a link with it, which will bring you to more information and the opportunity to purchase the gift! Now, that's easy shopping... Enjoy!

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Top 1

Reading Light - Kindle or Other!

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Reading lights are so useful when staying in hostels or camping! A must have for any backpacker or traveler! These are available specifically for the kindle, and also for any other book!

Top 2

Swiss Army Knife

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Swiss Army Knives are "the jack of all trades" in the knife family! There are so many different models available, based on the individuals needs. All I know is it's an essential on a backpackers packing list! Just warn them to take it out of their carry-on to avoid it being confiscated!

Top 3

Bra Stash and/or Money Belts

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For the women travelers, there is the "bra stash" - a perfect place to put your money where no one's going to get at it, without you knowing! Of course, there is also the classic money belt, neck wallets, leg money stashes - the options are endless! Check them out at the following link!

Top 4

Caribiner Clips

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I've often started off a trip with extra space in my pack, and always ended up with none in the end! It's no fun spending so much time stuffing, packing & re-packing your bags every couple of days, so let me offer a simple solution - caribiner clips! I can normally be spotted with running shoes, a water bottle, and numerous other items clipped to the outside of my pack!

Top 5

Ogon Aluminum Wallet

These wallets do more than just hold your credit cards, they also protect them from elecro-magnetic radiation! And they come in cool colours and prints!

Top 6

Wi-Fi Finder

This is perfect for the backpacker or traveler who carries a laptop or netbook with them! It's much easier to use this device, than turn on your laptop/netbook every time you want to see if you can get free wireless - stop them from wasting time & battery life!

Top 7

Luggage Tags

I love unique luggage tags! My favourite luggage tags meet one of two criteria - show my Canadian pride, or are just hilarious. I love Anne Taintor's collection - especially her " does a bombshell like me get through security?" Check them out on this link!

Top 8

Inka Pen

I know a pen may not be on everyone's must have list, but this one should be! The inka pen will write anywhere, yup anywhere - at any altitude, angle, and at any temperature, wet or dry!

Top 9

Travel Angel Pin

This is one of my favourite stocking stuffers on the list! Travel angel pinks are symbolic of offering travelers protection throughout their trip. I received one from an aunt before my first backpacking adventure, and never travel without it now!

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I hope you've found something here to "stuff" that backpacker's/traveler's stocking with! If you're on the hunt for something on a larger scale, click on this link to Best Gadgets for Backpackers and Adventure Travelers.

Happy holidays!

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