Best Review - Top 9 similarities between babies and dogs

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Ever thought that your kid and your dog have many similar behaviors? Maybe not. Maybe I'm weird, but ever since bringing home my little girl, I can't help drawing similarities between her and our Labrador... Why dogs are better.... You only need to buy one silly, overpriced Halloween outfit, which can be used every year They drool From 3 to 6 months my little girl drooled constantly They pant when they're excited If I show her any toy, she flaps her arms and pants They need to be toilet trained I think this one might be self explanatory The tops of their heads are velvety soft They have identical toys, squeaky and chewy No matter what you give them, they still want what's in your hand. They hate having their faces cleaned They'll eat your homework if you want them to Their faces fall when you leave the room, but their whole being wriggles with excitement when you re renter it.
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Top 10: if left unattended

Top 10: if left unattended they'll eat anything, including poo.

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Truer words have not been

Truer words have not been spoken :)

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You've got something with

You've got something with this one for sure...Crazy similarities!!!...Add this one to your list "You can't help but want to cuddle them because they are soooo unconditionally lovable"...