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ho's your favorite Nijago character? Which Ninjago costume will you choose. Will you be one of the heroes or one of the skeleton army? The skeleton army are very appropriate for Halloween! But maybe you prefer to be Kai or Nya or Sensei Wu - that's one cool hat!

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Ninjago Kai Costume

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Kai wears red and in the Ninja of Fire. Kai is a popular choice.

Top 2

Ninjago Nya Costume

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Nya is Kai's sister and also wears red. A great option for girl Ninjago fans.

Top 3

Ninjago Jay Costume

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Jay wears blue. He's the Ninja of Lightning.

Top 4

Ninjago Cole Costume

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Cole wears a black Ninja outfit. He's the Ninja of Earth.

Top 5

Ninjago Zane Costume

Zane wears a white Ninja outfit. He's the Ninja of Ice.

Top 6

Ninjago Sensei Wu Costume

If you choose Sensei Wu then you get to wear a very cool hat. And a beard too. Definitely a good choice.

Top 7

Ninjago Lord Garmadon Costume

Or perhaps you'll choose the evil Lord Garmadon. He's the guy with the bone on his head.

Top 9

Ninjago Skeleton Army Costumes

One of the skeleton army is another good option for Halloween. Bonezai, Krazi? There are plenty to choose from.

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I hope you enjoyed the Ninjago costumes and have fun mastering Spinjitzu.

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