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ust wanted you to see all my links I have that vary from making money on the internet to psychic readings!! I have put a lot of effort into all of these sites and I really hope you enjoy them all!

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Interested in MAGIC??!!

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Check out this site to get some videos on some AWESOME magic tricks out there!! You can download some really neat tricks and use them to awe your friends!

Top 2

This is another blog of mine

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I give a daily question as the the religion and spiritual aspect of things so if you would like to check it out! I have other writers that write on this blog as well, so have a look at what they have to say as well please!

Top 3

Angel AND Tarot Reading Blog

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As with the angel blog I pull BOTH of these card on opposite days of each other in my blog so that people that need guidance and help can get it!!

Top 4

Link Directory to add your links for cheap

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With this link directory I let people add them for pretty cheap compared to some of the other sites out if interested please have a look at my site!!

Top 5

Where I mostly work online

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This is where you can find me most of the time online making my living...if interested in a tarot reading, please check it out!!

Top 6

This is my private site

Here you can come to me outside of liveperson to get a reading if you are not comfortable with their platform for any reason. I have quite a bit of reviews between all of the networks that I work on, if you want to check them out and see if I can help you! I go by rains loving insight!

Top 7

How to make money on the internet

This site tells you step by step what to do to make a living online. All you have to do if follow what is written with-in the site!

Top 8

My YouTube Video!!

With this video I put together I wanted people to see it so as I can promote my google profile, so i can give you an idea of what I am involved with online!! Take a look at it, and it anything peaks your interest within the sites, please have a look!

Top 9

Want to get paid for things you already do online?

With this site you will be able to see where you can make money from doing the stuff your already doing chatting, surfing, playing games. Check it out!! It will be well worth it!!

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Hope you all enjoy the links and check them out!!

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mimind's picture

nice sites whats your top

nice sites whats your top visits per day ever?

mimind's picture

nice sites whats your top

nice sites whats your top visits per day ever?

dragonangel16137's picture

My top site thus far is my

My top site thus far is my forum!! I get many hits to it even though I don't get many members signed up!! I have for unique visitors 1403 people and it is still brand new...only started it MAYBE two months ago!! For the rest of them i couldn't really tell!! :)

dragonangel16137's picture

Hi there premiereow thanks

Hi there premiereow thanks for the comment. I actually to get traffic so far have used my twitter to gain visitors to my site. Not sure if this is the major way or not as I have my forum listed on ALL my sites and the blogs that I run usually have pretty good traffic as they are a wordpress and blogspot blog. So with my having a link everywhere like facebook, twitter and other things you can also gain that way.

I was taking a look at your info and want to try some of that as it shows you have a pretty good idea as well for marketing!! :)

bujju's picture

Wow…gr8 share. I was not

Wow…gr8 share. I was not aware of this.

dragonangel16137's picture

no problem with sharing them

no problem with sharing them with you!!! Hope you enjoyed the sites!!

mulberry's picture

For a few seconds I couldn't

For a few seconds I couldn't imagine how angels were related to making money online. Then I realized. Inspiration, hope, etc. These are definitely necessary to make it online. You have to believe, you have to have faith to push you through because it can be a long hard road!

dragonangel16137's picture

this is so so true....I am

this is so so true....I am glad you put that together like that!!! Hopefully others will see it like that!!

Debbie Dunn's picture

I enjoyed your video and

I enjoyed your video and visiting your blog. Great job on both!

dragonangel16137's picture

awe thanks so much on

awe thanks so much on that...i worked/work on them pretty hard and am very very proud of what I have accomplished thus far!!! thanks so much again!!

lynsuz's picture

Great tops. The angel good

Great tops. The angel good for inspiration, hope i like that.

dragonangel16137's picture

thanks so much!! I was

thanks so much!! I was messing around with the program I have on my computer to make the video and it was pretty kewl, so I thought I would make a money making video with it and the angels!! Thanks again!!