Best Review - Top 9 Lady gaga Costume outfits You Can Buy Online


ady gaga was made popular for making songs like born this way and telephone but she was also popular for wearing unique costume outfits that ranges from classy, sexy, weird to crazy. While these lady gaga costume outfits are made by the top fashion houses in hollywood, there are costume makers that have made costume outfits that was inspired by lady gaga that you can buy online.

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Lady gaga Blue swinsuit Costume

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This is a blue swim suit costume outfit that is used by lady gaga in her poker face video. The costume outfit that you can buy online might not have the same fabric, it is still similar to the one lady gaga used.

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Lady Gaga Red Lace MTV awards costume

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Lady gaga used this red lace costume outfit during an mtv awards event. This red lace costume by lady gaga cover the whole body including the face. Some costume wearers has used this costume for parades other than using it as a halloween costume.

Top 3

Lady Gaga White queen costume

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This lady gaga white queen costume outfit is similar to the red lace but white with spikes on top of it just like the queen piece on a chess game.

Top 4

Lady gaga Triangle dress costume

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this is one of the more classy lady gaga costume outfits you can buy online. This triangle dress costume was used by lady gaga in some of her concerts especially in the monster ball tour.

Top 5

Lady gaga kermit the frog costume

Lady gaga kermit the frog costume outfit was used by lady gaga in one german TV interview. This is one of her most crazy costume outfits ever.

Top 6

Lady gaga red lingerie costume

This is one of lady gaga's more sexier costume. This red lingerie lady gaga costume outfit was used in the bad romance video.

Top 7

Lady gaga star dress

Lady gaga star dress costume outfit was used by lady gaga in one of her american idol performances. Just like the triangle dress, this is one of her more classier outfits.

Top 8

Lady gaga american flag costume

This lady gaga costume outfit was used in the telephone video. It looks inspired by 70's fashion but still look fashionable enough to use today.

Top 9

Lady gaga prison uniform costume

This costume outfit was used in the telephone video.This outfit made the prison uniform as sexy as ever.

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Buying your own lady gaga costume outfit that you can use for on halloween, costume parties or other similar events can make you the limelight of any party.

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