Best Review - Top 9 Kitchen Gadgets That Look Like Animals


hese animal-shaped kitchen gadgets are easy and fun to use. What better way to encourage kids to help with the preparation of a meal than with these whimsical kitchen tools. Even I like to use my monkey peeler when peeling potatoes, which I consider to be the most boring and tedious job on the planet.

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Monkey Peeler

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The Monkey Fruit and Vegetable Peeler is 6 inches long and features a stainless-steel blade. Bright orange in color; dishwasher-safe.

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Toucan Can Opener

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The orange-and-black Toucan Can Opener measures 8-inches in length with stainless-steel cutting blades. High-density plastic handles form the bird's beak.

Top 3

Shark Paring Knife

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The Shark Paring Knife measures 9 inches in length and features a sharply-pointed stainless-steel blade with an eye and mouth design.

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Bird Peeler

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This whimsical Bird-shaped Fruit and Vegetable Peeler comes with a stainless-steel blade and pointed potato-eye remover. Bright yellow and orange. Hand wash only.

Top 5

Whale Ice Cream Scoop

The Whale Ice Cream Scoop measures approximately 8 inches x 3 inches x 1 inch. Made of earthenware.

Top 6

Octopus Dish Scrubber

The Octopus Dish Scrubber is made from durable and dishwasher-safe plastic materials. Measures approximately 4.5"H x 2.5"W. Holds 2.1 oz. of dish soap.

Top 7

Woodpecker Scissors

These bright red Woodpecker Scissors measures 9-1/2-inches in length and is constructed of stainless-steel blades to form the bird's beak. Right- or left-handed use.

Top 8

Shark Bottle Opener

The Shark Bottle Opener features eyes and teeth and measures 8-inches in length. The stainless-steel mouth flips off caps, tail opens pull-tabs. Dishwasher-safe.

Top 9

Piranha Pizza Cutter

The Piranha Pizza Cutter measures approximately 8 inches long with a stainless-steel cutting blade. High density plastic handle and soft textured grip.

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