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f you loved 'How To Train Your Dragon' (and you probably did, as it was both fun and clever and wonderfully animated - my dad watched it four times in the first week alone!) then you might be looking for more toys, artbooks, and various extras to extend the magic. There are awesome dragon plushies, the original book series (did you know it was a book by Cressida Cowell first?), the amazing soundtrack and dozens of action figures, for a start.

If you're trying to buy for a HTTYD fan, then you'll find this list equally valuable (if not as enthralling!) While the majority of the toys and books are aimed at children under ten, there a few gifts that would be appreciated by any adult fan... including a lot of the toys that are *meant* to be for kids!

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How To Train Your Dragon - the animated film from Dreamworks

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Well, I'm assuming you've bought the movie by now.... right? What? You haven't?!? Well, in that case, get How To Train Your Dragon as fast as you can! It's out on Blu-Ray and standard DVD, has recieved very high reviews and has been nominated for half a dozen awards, including 'Best Animated Feature Film' at the Golden Globes AND Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards.

Top 2

The Art of How to Train Your Dragon

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by Dreamworks; author - Tracy Miller-Zarneke; artists - various illustrators from the film
Another gorgeous and astonishing collection of concept art and designs from the development of a film, the art book for HTTYD is definitely one of the best examples.

The Art of How to Train Your Dragon is a spectacularly designed, full-color insider’s guide to the creative process that went into turning Cressida Cowell’s popular book into a feature-length, animated film. Featuring more than 350 pieces of development artwork, including early character designs, story sketches, and concept paintings never before released by the studio, the book provides an in-depth look at the process involved in bringing mythical Dragon and Viking worlds to life.

Average Customer Review: 4.8 out of 5 stars (23 customer reviews)
List Price: $40.00

Top 3

How to Train Your Dragon - The Original Books by Cressida Cowell

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The original books that inspired the film are a series of young adult novels that have recieved rave reviews. While not identical to the film version (which was obviously adapted to the screen), they would be pounced on with delight by younger fans. In the books, the young Vikings are actually sent out to train dragons, and Toothless is a scrawny underdog to match Hiccup. There are currently eight books available in the series.

Suitable for ages 9-12
Average Customer Review: 4.4 out of 5 stars (60 customer reviews)
Price: $5.99

Top 4

How To Train Your Dragon [Soundtrack]

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John Powell (Composer)

The soundtrack of HTTYD was one of the aspects that really impressed me - it is haunting, lively, Scandinavian, cheerful and mournful by turns and generally very well done. This soundtrack of the various musical tracks is lovely to listen to on its own, and varied enough to be interesting without visuals. You can order the Audio CD or download favourite tracks digitally.

Average Customer Review: 4.8 out of 5 stars (39 customer reviews)

Audio CD List Price: $17.98
Single downloads: $0.99 each

Top 5

Cut & Assemble Paper Dragons That Fly (Models & Toys)

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David Kawami (Author)

A really interesting Dragon gift for adults who long to fly their own dragons, this book of soaring dragon origami designs is sure to be unique. You can create eight different paper dragons, using scissors, paper clips, glue, knife and straightedge, all of which fly easily.

Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars (3 customer reviews)
Price: $6.95

Top 6

How To Train Your Dragon - Childrens' Books (Movie Version)

There are a LOT of different retellings of how Hiccup befriended Toothless, but most of these spin-off children's books are very similar. They are all highly rreviewd and do vary in the details and the reading level, so pick one or two that look most appropriate for your child. They range from Picture Books to 'first' chapter books.

For example, the Chapter book, ages 4-8
Price: $4.99

Top 7

Deluxe 7 Inch Action Figure Night Fury (Toothless)

This is my favourite action figure - a seven inch tall Night Fury, complete with saddle,and flappable wings. An ideal toy for anyone desperate to own their own version of Toothless.

Average Customer Review: 4.3 out of 5 stars (6 customer reviews)
Price: $22.95

Top 8

How To Train Your Dragon Action Figures and Plush Toys

There are dozens of toys and action figures for the various characters and dragons, so if you have a favourite dragon (such as Gronckle, Deadly Nadder or Zippleback) or a favourite character (e.g. Tuffnut, Hiccup, Astrid), then you can probably find an action figure to match. There's even a Bone Knapper from the extra bonus film on the DVD!

If you aren't sure what to get, Toothless the Night Fury is the most popular of the dragons.

Prices range from $5 to $30, with most being about $15 or $25.

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