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he Google Adsense revenue sharing sites enable you to earn revenue from the web content you create. You do not have think about ad placement and optimazition, they do this work for you. All you need to concentrate on the content.

I collected the best sites which are free to join and offer the highest share combined with a good traffic. The benefit of writing for such sites is that you work once but the revenue is continously generated.

Most of the article sites have a minimum quality requirement which includes the length of the article. They usually require at least 400 words for each article.

The sites are very different and everyone can find one which matches his/her interests and style. I registered to at least 15 sites and now I collected the best nine Google Adsense revenue sharing sites.

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My number one Google Adsense revenue source among the revenue share sites. Answers questions for 60% Adsense revenue sharing with good traffic analytics. Also you can ask questions and get money. High traffic and many users.

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Best Reviewers

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This site shares 100% Adsense revenue. Who can beat it? Create Tops lists and salary pages for money. Very good traffic and click through ratio.

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Seekyt provides you 70% Google Adsense impressions. They share 100% of advertising clicks revenue. They also have a generous referral program where you receive 25% share of the impressions from your referrals. You can use Amazon Associates too.

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Write articles and get at least 75% revenue share with Google Adsense, Amazon Associates and Chitika. Every month there is a competition for rewards and revenue share increase.

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HubPages offer 60% Adsense revenue sharing plus 10% bonus for referrals. Also traffic impressions are paid at 9% or 12% rate.

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Write articles and generate both Adsense and Chitika revenue. They allow to send your already published content if it was not published with exclusive rights somewhere else.

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You can create lenses on Squidoo and they share 50% of Adsense and Chitika revenue. The site has just received a cool new interface. It is worth to give it a try.

Top 8

Tip Drop

A relatively new sites where the users rate the value of your answers and tips. You can create external links only after you reached a certain trust level.

Top 9

Rate It All

They offer 100% Google Adsense revenue sharing for your product and service reviews. Unfortunately the traffic is very low.

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Zentao01's picture

Great sites. The only one I

Great sites. The only one I haven't played with yet is when answers. I will check that out shortly. Thanks for some valuable links to some great sites

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InfoBarrel and Best-Reviewer

InfoBarrel and Best-Reviewer are really great sites where you can make some money. I would also recommend Squidoo and HubPages.