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e all know someone who just can't "sit still", constantly packing up and taking off on another worldly adventure! (In my friends and families case, this is me!) Finding a present for these people can be difficult. I've compiled a list of the Top 9 gadgets that I either own, or would love to have for traveling. I've given a short description of each product, but there is also a link with each one. The link will lead you to a website with much more information, accessories to go along with the product, and a place to purchase the product! Shopping made easy! Hope this helps you find something for the nomadic person in your life!

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Top 1

The New Kindle 3G

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Kindle is back, and better than ever! 3G allows the traveler to connect to wireless internet in 100 countries and territories. Plus, they'll be saving space and weight in their suitcase.

Top 2

"Four Proof" Digital Camera

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Four proof? Water, shock, dust, and freeze proof! I own this digital camera and think it's absolutely amazing - has been through a lot backpacking with me. Full story of the week it spent in the ocean found on the link below!

Top 3


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Small, light, and the perfect way to keep in touch with friends and family when on the road. I contemplated getting a netbook before my last backpacking adventure and am so happy I did! Free wi-fi is becoming more and more popular - I'd say the money I saved on internet more than paid for the inexpensive Acer Aspire One netbook I bought!

Top 4

HD Camcorder

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An HD camcorder will allow the backpacker and traveler in your life to share their experiences with you. You'll never have to hear, "It's just too difficult to describe..."

Top 5

Portable External Hard Drive

An external hard drive is an essential for any traveler. It would be absolutely devastating to lose amazing travel photos and videos - always, always back them up! Portable external hard drives also offer a world of entertainment; add favourite movies and t.v. series before taking off on an adventure! You can either allow the backpacker to do it themselves or personalize the gift by doing it yourself!

Top 6

Digital Talking Translator

Digital talking translators are another must for anyone heading to a country in which they do not (or barely) speak the language. They are easy to use and really enhance communication, whether it be to clarify a word or learn a completely new word/phrase!

Top 7

Apple iPod Touch

An iPod Touch is an obvious choice for the music-lover, but they also offer a lot more to todays traveler. Download applications, such as city guides, flight status, language translators, and games to pass those loooong bus rides!

Top 8

Handheld Steripen

A handheld steripen is a great gift for the international traveler, help to ensure that they always have safe drinking water! There's nothing worse than being sick while traveling. Also, a great gift for the hiker who likes to drink delicious stream water!

Top 9

Stormproof Lighter

Take the frustration out of trying to light a fire or cook dinner in an outdoor setting. This lighter is windproof up to 80mph, and is refillable!

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Hope you've found something for the technologically savvy (or, as in my case "wanna-be-technologically-savvy) nomad in your life!

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a visitor's picture

This advice is terrible. I

This advice is terrible. I true backpacker would never carry any of these except make the camera and phone. Try to hike twenty miles with a netbook and hard drive and see what I mean.

another visitor's picture

@ a visitor June 3rd 2011. A

@ a visitor June 3rd 2011.
A true traveller quickly learns to keep an open mind, and doesn't disparage another for having different priorities. You presumably have tried carrying a netbook and HD yourself, based on your comment, and decided that FOR YOU it was not worth the extra 1.5 kg. For some, the option to sustain perpetual travel by maintaining income on the road is an attractive reward for the weight sacrifice.