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his Conspiracy Video Collection offers a list of nine clips which make up the whole video, you will find a very well put together presentation many will consider a Conspiracy Video of perhaps the biggest Cover up in the history of the Human Race.

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Conspiracy Video Zeitgeist from Youtube

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This is a share of some kind of conspiracy video I found on youtube, it is very well made and offers a researched and different look at Christianity, the government, war and the 911 day.

Top 2

Zeitgeist Conspiracy Video Part 2

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This part of the Zeitgeist Conspiracy Video Starts of talking about the solar signs and Masire, the Egyptian Sun God Horus 3000BC and his arch enemy Set the Darkness.

Top 3

Worried about 2012 and the End of the World Fire Storm

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This is part 3 of Zeitgeist the movie and gives another perspective and interpretation to the End of the World Predictions and interpretations, Ease your end of world worries.

Top 4

Zeitgeist Conspiracy Video Part 4 911 Myth and Cover Up

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This part of the Zeitgeist Conspiracy Video has collected news media clips from several public speakers and officials on the 911 day incident. Then talks about the possibilities that something has indeed been covered up.

Top 5

Zeitgeist Cover Up Video Part 5

Zeitgeist Cover Up Video Part 5 begins showing a clip of a reporter talking to the Fire

Department, then goes on to question the molten steel found and not reported as being there.

Top 6

Zeitgeist: The Movie - PART 6/9

I am a Human Being My Life Has Value God Damm It – Zeitgeist Conspiracy Video Part 6. Is there really nothing that can been done? Are there enough of us awake yet and seeing through the mists of Avalon, have you heard of the Venus Project.

Top 7

Federal Reserve Banks Zeitgeist Conspiracy Video Part 7

Talking about the Federal Reserve Banks the Zeitgeist Conspiracy Video Part 7 opens the eyes of those that want to see it to how the Federal Reserve Banks can easily and do manipulate economies of societies all over the world.

Top 8

Banks Funding Wars Zeitgeist Conspiracy Video Part 8

Trading with the Enemy Act, Union Banking Corp of New York City done for its part in handing cash over to evil dictators. Does anything change and what else can we expect?

Top 9

Micro Chip Implants and Identification Devices Zeitgeist Part 9

As more people become concerned about the security of their family the more likely when the time comes, they will readily volunteer to have Micro Chip Implants and Identification Devices inserted into their bodies.

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I found this Conspiracy Video Collection very interesting and eye opening, the presenter has compiled a list of facts from history and present day and put together a movie in the hope to wake up the world and people to the oppression we all face in the economic system we experience on a daily basis.

One clip mentions the Venus project, this is something I can see myself becoming very interested in and offers a way for the World as a Society to exist in a peaceful collective free from worry and fear, with clean air with a days schedule I guess whatever you would want it to be.

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