Best Review - Top 9 Best Longboards from the coolest Longboard brands


hese are my personal picks from each Longboard brand. Each deck caters to a different riding style, speed and flex. The decks are carefully constructed with different treatments to give the best riding experience.

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Sector 9 Longboards: Bert Pintail deck

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Dimensions of this board are 47.75" L x 8.75" W x 32.25" WB. After checkin out all the longboards from Sector 9, this is what really got my veins pumping more just by looking at it. With the special treatment of the graphic on the wood, it sells itself without any effort.

Top 2

The Chinook Landyachtz downhill deck - The tightest controlled board to date- Best Longboards for downhill

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Designing the best longboard decks for downhill racing has always been taken into account to avoid all the perils that any rider may encounter. A few notable decks answers this need. One of them is the new Landyachtz Chinook downhill deck.

It shares a similar design to the Landyachtz Evo, but now with minimal drop to give better grip to the rider and leverage over the trucks for additional performance. Also adding the W bowl concave design that cups the ball of the rear foot for the best control you can apply on a great downhill board.

Top 3

Bustin Boards: Prototype test in new York video

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A day in New York on Prototype Longboards- Breaking it in the big apple. One of the videos from bustinboards channel that caught my attention. All riding their own longboard prototypes as Adam Crigler, King Solomon and Brian Bishop from Original hit the streets of New York battling the incoming vehicles, pavement cracks, and pedestrians!

Top 4

Rayne Longboards. The Demonseed

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After watching The series Long treks on Skatedecks, you will surely be interested in the Rayne Demonseed. The deck has completely shown you its personality and style.

Top 5

Arbor Longboards: The Pintails

The first time I visited the website of Arbor Longboards, I was dumbfounded by the designs as well as the classic shapes of the boards. If I were given the chance to choose a board for each skill category, these are my personal picks.

Starting off with the Pin Koa, designed by artist Blaine Fontana. best for Slalom riding using the classic Koa wood that was used by the Hawaiians in building their 1st surfboards. history and evolution in one board is all I can say.

Top 6

Lush Longboards: Fresh new decks off the grill

Just off the grill, or should I say hydraulic presses as how the decks of Lush Longboards are constructed. Presenting The Vandella, The Sequel, andThe Generator. These three new decks are inspired and improved from the classic boards from Lush Longboards.

Top 7

The Vanguard from Loaded Longboards. A thing of beauty!

The Vanguard. I could say that it will be one of those all around boards for carving, commuting and pumping due to its symmetrical shape and stance. However, not meant for high speeds due to its flex nature, this is one board that will surely put a smile on any rider just for the overall graphic of this beauty. This is definitely one of the best longboards.

Top 8

Atom Pintail Super Carver Longboard

This is one wicked looking board with the laser cut finish. A board that does speak for itself in terms of structure.

Top 9

The Torpedo 40 from Original Skateboards

One of the best looking boards that Original has created. Best for surfing and flatland rides. Total control over quick turns is accomplished with Original trucks.

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It doesn't really matter what longboard you are using. It's how much time and practice that put into longboarding that counts.

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