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f you are looking to find out what a hematoma is then you're through to the right place. This list contains (eventually) all the different types of hematoma the human body can experience. A hematoma is classified as a collection of blood, or clot, that has accumulated outside of the blood vessels and into the surrounding tissue. Hematoma can be very painful and unsightly but in these links you can find out how to prevent them, treat them, and find products that will help them heal faster. Some hematoma can be deadly, especially if you have experienced some head trauma and you are now suffering from bleeding into the brain causing pressure, while others can just be down right nasty and need to be drained - take cauliflower ear for example. Click through to find out more on these nasty little wounds.

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What is a Hemtoma

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This Squidoo lens will tell you all about hematoma, how they are formed and how to care for them.
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What is a Hematoma: My Experiences

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I get hematoma on a daily basis from my injections that I have to take. Click through to see how I deal with them
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Epidural Hematoma

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This one is caused by head trauma and can be fatal if not treated immediately.
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Subdural Hematoma

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The injury is again caused by head trauma but the bleed happens a little deeper into the brain tissue and can be fatal if it isn't treated.
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Intercerebral Hematoma

This is a nasty one that can happen for no reason but is mainly caused by head trauma.
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Scalp Hematoma

This can be caused by small head trauma but it is damage to the scalp on the external side of the brain.
Top 7

Aural Hematoma (Cauliflower Ear)

This is a common sight for sports players. Known as cauliflower ear, damage to the ear causes the space between the skin and cartilage to fill up with blood.
Top 8

Septual (Nose) Hematoma

This one is caused by facial trauma and happens between the skin and piece of cartilage that separates the nostrils.
Top 9

Orthopedic Hematoma

Also known as a really bad bruise. This can occur in muscles and bone and can really be quite nasty if enough blunt force is applied.
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There you have it. I hope you learned a little something today about the human body and how to play nice with it ;-)

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