Best Review - Top 9 Articles that Explain the World That You Live in, and Why it is the way that it is.


ello, these are my hubs, my writings; and they concern the modern political and economic affairs in both the United States of America; and in fact, the entire world. If you read them, you will come away with a greater understanding for why depleted uranium poisoning is occurring in far away lands, and economic tragedies occur in our own lands. It is quite simply because, the owners of the banks of the world want it to be that way. We, mere "goyim," are nothing but chattel to Rothschild or Rockefeller family members.

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Jesus, The Rothschild Family, and the Next Invasion Lotto

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My Top article on Hubpages, it's my descriptor of the current state of affairs in the world, and includes some possible historical explanations for why things are, and for the future.

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Quotes that Predict The New World Order

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I compiled this long, long ago. When I'd first published it on myspace, I soon found that my blog and compilation of quotes was being discussed by members of the House of Representatives.

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International Bankers and Khazar Gangsters. The History of assassinated US Presidents, and the Fed thugs

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Here lies the great presidents, every one killed for either getting rid of Rothschild banks, talking about it, or, as Andrew Jackson; getting extremely lucky.

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The John Fitzgerald Kennedy Secret Society Speech

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Fact - Every United States President to be assassinated bucked the Rothschild Family's eurotrash central bank. Fact - we are not a sovereign nation, because we do NOT have control of our currency - the eurotrash Rothschild family does.

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What Is The Value Of One Little Girl's Life?

Fact - the value of anyone's life is absolutely nothing to the ethnic coterie of individuals that absolutely monopolizes the mass media in the United States of America, and all of Europe. Those individuals thrive on corruption of truth, outright lies, and enslavement of the masses towards the ends of pleasing their Satanic Rothschild and Rockefeller Bosses.

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Sharia Law Is Sick - But American Mass Media Is SICKER!

What is the value of one little girl's life? Is one little girl's life valuable enough that American Mass Media could NOT lie about it for political gain in the war against Arabs, their resources, and for the purpose of giving those resources to Israel?

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What Is The Value Of One Little Girl's Life?

To the mass media moguls, the value of one little girl's life is less than the value of mocking religion because of one idiot charlatan in Australia made a fool of himself.

Top 9

How The Native Americans Discovered European Savages In The New World.

When the Europeans discovered the Americas they decimated the Native Americans that they found there with small pox, alcohol, and even more often - they simply murdered them. The Europeans with their advanced science and technology considered the Native Americans as "savages."

But the Native Americans were not interested in destroying all of the Europeans who came and invaded their lands. Sure, some Native Americans and some Native American tribes DID want to eradicate the European invaders, but by and large that was not a mindset reflective of the spiritual and cultural attitude of the Native Americans on a large scale. The Native Americans didn't have the inferior thoughts of thinking themselves superior, and that is exactly why the were superior to the European invaders.

"Live and Let Live - No One Owns The Earth"

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We are headed to that grotesque new world order thing that that spaced out fist Bush goy boy was talking about. Make no mistake about it, it will be nothing but total enslavement of you, yours, and mine. It's quite unstoppable, but we can prevent it in our time. Best Wishes


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