Best Review - Top 9 Adsense Sharing Article Sites that Make You HUGE Passive Income


f you are looking to earn a passive income, there are a ton of sites online that can help you earn a living writing. Before you begin searching for sites that pay writers for their articles, you need to have a road map because there are hundreds of sites to pick from. Is your goal an income or do you want an extra to pay for some bills? Making money online can be easy but requires some time and is a learning process.

Here are a few suggestions of some great freelance article writing sites which might help you to earn money writing online articles:

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Factoidz - Bite Sized Knowledge

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Factoidz is a leading source for writing articles and allows you multiple ways to make easy money writing articles. Factoidz mission is to provide accurate, up-to-date, and useful information. Factoidz is a leader in the freelance writing business because they pay market-leading rates for your content, plus you earn up-front bonuses for each article you publish. You can also earn up to $20 in up-front bonuses for writing product reviews.

Top 2

Triond - Publish for Free

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Triond is a complete publishing service that enables users to make easy money writing articles of any type, in any media format. As soon as your content is published, it begins generating revenue from several income sources, such as display and contextual advertising that appears on the pages of your content. Triond shares with you 50% of the revenue generated by your content.

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InfoBarrel - Barrels of Information

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InfoBarrel is a community of writers who spend their time creating amazing content which help them make easy money writing articles by helping readers either educate themselves or solve a problem. InfoBarrel shares the potential revenue generated by an authors content directly with the author. Every time you publish an article on Infobarrel, you have the opportunity to make money. You are entitled to 75% of all the Google Adsense ad impressions generated by your content.

Top 4

Best Reviewer - 100% Adsense Revenue

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Best Reviewer is another excellent way to make easy money writing articles. The site is similar to She Told Me in that all the Adsense generated is all yours, no split with the sites owner. For each article, or "top" you submit to Best Reviewer, a page is created with an introduction, a conclusion, the title of the link, the link, a description, a link to your main site. You can submit links to all your other articles or list your top ten blogs, the sky is really the limit at this site.

Top 5

Bukisa - Share Your Knowledge

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BUKISA allows you to make easy money writing articles because is a one stop shop for how-to, informational & educational content. Anyone who joins the BUKISA community and shares their knowledge is entitled to their share of the profits. Bukisa gives its writers the opportunity to earn a share of the revenue from their content by embedding the user's own Google AdSense code within their individual posts.

Top 6

Xomba - Instant Publishing Platform is a community driven, writing platform founded on the principle of sharing revenue with its members. You can make easy money writing articles by adding your Google Adsense information to your Xomba profile. Every time a visitor clicks ads in your articles or bookmarks you earn money. Xomba combines key elements from social networking sites, weblogs and contextual targeted advertising. It's really simple, you post an article about something you're passionate about, then your post then gets placed into powerful search engines that deliver an audience of interested readers directly to your work.

Top 7

Squidoo - Join the Squid Team Today

Squidoo is a popular publishing platform that lets you make easy money writing articles and have fun along the way. Their community makes it easy for you to create "lenses" online. Lenses are pages, or in other words your article. These lenses gather all your information from the meat of the article, links to sites that complement your article, and photos too. You can earn money from Amazon, eBay, ad sharing, and many more streams of potential income. It's all free, and you could even earn a royalty for charity or yourself.

Top 8

WebAnswers - Share Your Knowledge

WebAnswers is a very unique site that is easier than trying to make easy money writing articles because all you do is ask questions, or answer questions. That's it. You answer questions posted by other users in all kinds of topics ranging from sports, hobbies, crafting, relationships and more. You answer the questions as detailed as you can in the hopes the poster picks your answer as the one that answers the question the best. If you are picked, you share the Adsense on that page for the lifetime of the site. You can answer hundreds of questions a day if you like, its that easy.

Top 9

She Told Me - 100% Adsense Revenue

She Told Me is a great way to make easy money writing articles . For each content you submit to SheToldMe a page is created. This page then receives visitors from Google and the users of the site. For every pages you create, your AdSense ads will be displayed 100% of the time. For the life of that submission, if any ad is clicked, you earn money in your AdSense account, it's as simple as that!

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