Best Review - Top 8 Yo Mama jokes

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There are so many of these out there, so here are the Best Of... Yo mama's so ugly, when I took her to the zoo they said, "Thanks for bringing' her back!" Yo mama's so fat, she got Baptized at sea world Yo mama's is so ugly, that she entered in the ugly contest they said, "no professionals" Yo mama's so old, when I told her to act her age, she died Yo mama's so fat, when she steps on a scale it says, "One at a time please" Yo mama's so fat, she has smaller fat women orbiting around her! Yo mama so nasty, she brings crabs to the beach. Yo Mama so fat, her BMI is measured in acres
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Yo mama's so wonderful, she's

Yo mama's so wonderful, she's mine, brother.