Best Review - Top 8 Ways To Manage On A Small Pension


mall pensions can be tricky to manage and make the most of. Here we look at the best ways to manage on a small pension.

A small pension has a lot to answer for when you consider costs like:

● Food
● Heating
● Tax
● Clothing & Furniture
● Holidays
● Care costs
● Inheritance
● Electricity Bills

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Cut Your Energy Bills

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When you spend a lot of time at home, you use more energy and water than when you went out to work everyday. There are lots of ways to save energy to save money, including things like water saving shower heads, keeping heating to one room, and switching tariffs or providers.

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Things like Pension Credit and Housing Benefit may be available to you. It will do no harm in checking if you are entitled, because if you are you will get extra money just for filling out a few forms.

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Check Your Outgoings

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It might be that you are paying too much for your bills, like tax, in which case it pays to check so you can cut your bills down, freeing more cash.

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Equity Release

If you have paid off your mortgage or your mortgage is very low, you might want to release the value of your home with equity release. This is a huge decision and is not to be done lightly, but it could be the right choice for you to get access to extra money.

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Switch To supermarket Own Brands

Many people get stuck in a rut buying the same brand products just because that is something they have always done. Why not try buying own brands which could cost a third of the brand price, and see if you like it just as much. If you do, you can switch and save yourself some money every week.

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Get Advice

If you are struggling on a low pension there is a lot of support and advice out there for you, you don't need to be living in poverty. Consider contacting; Age UK and Citizens Advice. If you are unable to contact either, speak to a friend or family member you trust and explain your situation so they can perhaps get help on your behalf.

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Make Your Money Work For You

Making your money work for you involves ensuring every single bit of cash you have, is giving you everything it can. Maybe it is a savings account that could be earning more interest, or perhaps you could be earning cashback on your shopping. Consider all the ways things you already do with your money could be working for you in a more efficient way.

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Budgeting is the best way to manage any restricted financial situation, because it gives you more control. It might be hard to look at a stark and honest plan of your finances but it means you can work to adjust them if you need to.

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Managing a small pension can be very difficult, but there are lots of ways to make it go as far as possible, possibly in ways you weren't even aware of. And if you can make your pension stretch that bit further you won't have to resort to borrowing money you can ill afford on short term loans or bad credit loans.

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