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ccording to my own experience using software to increase the traffic is waste of money and time. As I mentioned earlier people used to spend a lot of money by paying online marketing websites to submit their blog for web directories. Most of the web directories don’t accept all types of articles or blogs. They accept blogs and articles which suits according to their editorial content. As I have gone through such web marketing sites I have seen some of the sites mentioning they will submit for 1000 web directories only for US$ 50.00. When you pay the marketing website they will try to submit your article of blog to 1000 web directories, but in my experience 25% of web directories will not accept them. Although the accepted directories will keep your blog for certain days and they will remove your blog from their directories. And again you have to pay them and submit your blog.

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Quality Content

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Writing a high quality content in a blog is first thing you have to do if you want market and increase traffic to your bog. Your blog content should attract readers and should draw their attention to your blog. If your blog content is interesting sometimes people will bookmark your content and they will visit repeatedly.

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Social Bookmarking

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Social book marking is one of the main pillar for getting naturally traffic to your site. If you really want to get traffic your must open accounts and must be registered in popular social networks like face book, digg, LinkedIn, etc.

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Facebook is world number one social network where you will meet different ages, cultural and different races of people. Open an account in Facebook and create a fan page. For example if your blog is related to nutrition create a Facebook fan page on nutrition. Just invites friends and make your friends list bigger as much as you can. The more friends you have the more people come to know about your blog. When you share your blog article in Facebook fan page all your fans can see the article link and they will visit your blog in order to read the article. This increases the number of traffic you get for your blog. If you have 2000 fans assume that 20% of your fans will visit your blog to read the article. whcih means you will get 400 visits for the article.

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Twitter is a social network where people share things that really interest them. There are millions of users registered at twitter. If you want get traffic via twitter just create an account in twitter and get followers as much as you can. The more followers you have, the more visits you will get for your blog. For example if you have 2000 followers at twitter assume that 20% of your followers will follow your article, that means you will get 400 visits each time when you share an article.

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LinkedIn is a very popular social network among the professional people around the Globe. According to LinkedIn now there are more than 100 million registered active users at LinkedIn. Professionals used to share their knowledge and seek new business opportunities and job opportunities via LinkedIn. It is a platform where you will meet angel investors and business people.

If you want get traffic via LinkedIn first of all you have to create an account and get more friends. You can participate in groups and forums where different things are discussed and shared among the participants. There are lots of people participating in forums and group discussions. Invite more people to get friend and participate in forum discussions and group discussions. If you start to discuss a very interesting topic people will respond you and will participate in discussion, especially in group discussions. If you want get traffic via Linked in just share the link in home page and in different related groups. If your article is really interested people will visit your blog. Assume that if you have 2000 connections in LinkedIn 20% of your friends will visit your link, which means you will get 400 visits each and every time you share a link.

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Digg is a social network like twitter where people share things that truly interest them. There are millions of active users registered at Digg. If you want get traffic to your blog via Digg just create an account in Digg. Try to increase the number of followers who follow you and dig your articles. For example if you have 2000 followers assume that 20% of followers will dig your article, which means 400 people will visit your blog.

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She told me dot come is a free article sharing site where people earn 100% Google Adsense revenue. When your share your article at, a summary of your article will be published in home page. When the visitor finds the link interesting they will visit your blog via that shared link. This will increase the number of traffic your getting

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Participate in forums

Participates in related forums and discuss the topic in your blog and link them with your thread. This will help the reader to visit your blog which definitely increase the traffic.

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If you keep sharing your article regularly you will get more visits and your blog will be ranked in top of search engines. So I believe these are the few techniques that everybody can follow in order to increase their blog or website traffic.

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