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n this article I discuss some of the backlink methods I use to generate traffic to my websites.

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Writing articles

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Article writing websites are a great way to build backlinks and traffic to your website. The premise is simple. You write informative, quality articles which you then upload to an article writing website. In each article you are provide with a resource box where you can write a brief summary about yourself and website and include a link.

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Participating in forums

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Forums and web communities are great resources to build a web presence. Most forums allow contributors to add links in their personal signature or in topic responses, some of course have no follow attributes. The trick with forums is to be authoritative, helpful and relevant.

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Listing on search engine directories

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Listing your website on search engine directories is a great way to get index by search engines quickly. Adding an XML site map to your website is a quick and easy way to list your website. Alternatively you can go to all search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing, Mozilla etc.) and list your website directly.

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Listing on business directories

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Adding yourself to business directories such as Yelp, Switchboard etc. (for a comprehensive list Google 'business directories' and start listing your business). There are Literally 100's of these websites. Choose the ones most relevant to the audience you want to reach.

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Posting on link aggregators

Another way to build baklinks is by posting links on link aggregators like Redgage and IMAutomator. These websites allow you to upload a short snippet on your page or article and then include a link.

Top 6

Getting social

Creating a social profile for your websites and building a following is a great way to generate traffic and build quality backlinks. My favourite network platforms that I have used to great success include Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Digg and Stumbleupon.

Top 7

Leverage other popular bloggers

If your website has a particular niche then spend some time finding thought leaders in that niche who have a decent following. Approach the owners of these websites and ask whether you could write a guest blog post in exchange for a backlink. If you write quality articles which add value to your thought leaders website they will usually be happy to include guest blog posts. This is a great way to generate loads of traffic.

Top 8

Get news worthy

Finally, if you have any news worthy information then try get in touch with news websites either at a local, national or international level to share your news. You can usually find journalist or editor names and contact details on websites.

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So thats it for my tips on generating traffic through backlinks. My final word of advice is to never buy backlinks or indeed spam people. In the long run these strategies never work. If you believe you have quality information that others will value then you should be building backlinks. If not, you should maybe reconsider your website model.

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jimformation's picture

Good advice. Thanks!

Good advice. Thanks!

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Good tips. Love the # 1 The

Good tips. Love the # 1 The more hooks in the water...the more fish you get