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have a real fascination with the vintage illustrators of decades past. The illustration art used for advertising, magazine covers, books, and postcards just fascinate me. The talent is incredible and was done back before there was computer software and tools to just pull things together. Many of these illustrators and their work are considered collectible now. Some warrant some high prices for their original work.

I have showcased some of my favorite illustrators and some of their vintage art and hopefully you will enjoy them, also.

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Illustrator Bessie Pease Gutmann

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This vintage illustrator is favored by many for her endearing art of children.

Top 2

Vintage Art By Nicholas de Grandmaison

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The vintage art by this man are truly some of my favorites. Nicholas de Grandmaison spent much of his lifetime traveling and preserving the faces of Native Americans who we might have never known about. His portraits are done in pastels and have incredible detail.

Top 3

J C Leyendecker Illustration Artist Extrodinaire

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Before Norman Rockwell, there was J C Leyendecker. His vintage art can be found illustrating magazines, books, and in vintage and antique advertising. His distinct form of illustration art is favored by many and is highly collectible.

Top 4

1920s Covers For Good Housekeeping

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I am particularly fond of the illustrators who created the covers for the magazine Good Housekeeping in the 1920s. This vintage art just speaks to your heart with sometimes endearing, often times whimsical, and always amazing work done by vintage illustrators that are very collectible in today's society.

Top 5

John Falter A Vintage Illustrator

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The vintage art of John Falter is ever bit as good in detail as the more famous Norman Rockwell. Collected for his illustration art of magazine covers and vintage advertising he is also one of my top favorite illustrators of days gone by.

Top 6

Vintage Illustrator Of Postcards: C. Klein

Lovely floral postcards were created by C. Klein an illustrator who sometimes gets overlooked. Her illustration art with detail of the flowers are extremely lovely and nostalgic in my opinion.

Top 7

Illustrators Of Circus Art

More specifically the vintage illustrators who created the Circus Art for posters advertising the Barnum and Bailey Circus. There are a variety of illustrators who did amazing illustration art to advertise the Circus was coming to town.

Top 8

Jessie Wilcox Smith Vintage Illustrator Of Children

Another of my favorite vintage illustrators is Jessie Wilcox Smith who specialized in children in everyday activities. Her collectible illustration art can be found gracing the covers of old magazines and in books.

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