Best Review - Top 8 Types of Diaper Bags


hoosing the right diaper bag is like picking the best baby name. There are some essential buying tips that a diaper bag purchaser should decide on.
Size:- If you are going out on long trips with baby, or packing off baby to the sitter for your work day, you'll need a bag of substantial size. If however, you are a stay at home mom who will be doing short walks or visits, your diaper bag doesn't need to be huge.
Material:- Some parents prefer something vinyl while others like a bag they can throw in with a load of laundry. While you might like fashionable materials, don't forget you'll be hauling some stinky loads in there, and baby will be drooling on it or dragging it behind her eventually.
Durability:- Any diaper bag worth carrying should last until potty training. Look at how the bag is made, paying attention to areas that will take the most impact such as the straps and the bottom.
Comfort:- Yes, comfort. You'll be carrying this thing around for a year or more. Do you prefer a backpack model or a messenger bag? Do you like sling packs for hands free carrying or do you like a basic bag with extra long straps? Consider what you find comfortable in carrying.
Don't forget Dad:- You'll either want to purchase a separate Dad-bag or find one that doesn't insult his masculinity. If you want Dad to like the bag, find some suitable options and let him choose for himself. Don't however, bring in a catalog of choices and expect cooperation.
Organization:- Your diaper bag should have a sensible arrangement of pockets and storage areas. What is sensible to you however may differ from what works for others. Just make certain you have room for the items you know you'll be carrying most the time. If you need room for multiple bottles, you'll require a different bag than a breastfeeding mom who uses cloth diapers, for instance.

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Top 1

Tote Diaper Bags

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Tote Diaper Bags are elegant and simple, they are very comfortable with wide pockets and lots of room and the wide straps make for a comfortable fit.

Top 2

Messenger Diaper Bags

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Sophisticated and spacious
Over your shoulder or across the body, many sling and messenger diaper bags can be worn both ways. A good choice for parents on the move, most of these bags are less bulky and lay more flat across the body.

Top 3

Backpack Diaper Bags

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Padded back panels and shoulder straps
Durable, comfortable and versatile, style on the go. Backpack Diaper Bags combine great style with lots of function for parents on the go. These perfectly proportioned backpacks have a pocket for everything.

Top 4

Sling Diaper Bags

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Don't carry someone else's message - make your own statement with our eye-popping Messenger Bag which tells the world that you have a knack for finding the newest and smartest products on the market.
Bonus: makes a great laptop or gym bag later!

Top 5

Daddy Diaper Bags

Please don't make Dad carry a pink diaper bag!
There are a large selection of cool guy bags that dads are sure to love. While these bags look cool, they are also functional with storage for bottles, keys, cell phones, diapers, and more.

Top 6

Stroller Diaper Bags

A stroller diaper bag provides sleek styling and affordable, functional design for on-the-go parents Perfect for both mom dad, the Stroller diaper bags can be carried over-shoulder or attached to your stroller.

Top 7

Leather Diaper Bags

Leather Diaper Bags are made of genuine import leather with high quality stitching. As seen on thousands of moms and celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Heidi Klum, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, leather diaper bags are extremely popular around the world.

Top 8

Funky Diaper Bags

Versatile bags that look absolutely georgeous
Stay completely organized with interior pockets, side bottle pockets and changing mat.

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I have reviewed 8 different types of diaper bag, 2 bags in each section on this Lens, I have taken care of all the hard work, you just need to spoil yourself kid and choose the right one.

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