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hese special Transformers not only transformed from robots to vehicles and back, but they would also combine together to form a giant version of a Transformer, making it easy for the Autobots and Decepticons. These are the Generation One version of these mighty robots.

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Construcicons/ Devastator

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The Constructicons consisted of Scrapper - the leader and right leg, Hook - the upper body, Bonecrusher - the left arm, Long Haul, the lower body, Mixmaster - the left leg and Scavenger - the right arm. The six would come together and would for the mighty Devastator.

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Aerialbots/ Superion

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The Autobots took a page from them and made themselves a Combiner themselves. The results were the Aerialbots who would go to form Superion. They consisted of five airplanes Silverbot - the Leader, Slingshot, Skydive, Air Raid and Fireflight. They would go on to form Superion.

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Stunticons/ Menasor

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The Decepticons went on to build yet another group of Combiners named the Stunticons, a team made up of race cars and a truck lead by Motormaster. Along with Drag Strip, Dead End, Wildrider and Breakdown, the five would combine to form Menasor.

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Protectobots/ Defensor

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A group of Autobots who consisted of a bunch or rescue vehicles that would come to the aid of not only the Autobots, but to the humans as well. Hot Spot - The leader, Streetwise, Blades, Groove and First Aid would combine to form Defensor.

Top 5

Combaticons/ Bruticus

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The Decepticons would create a group in the form of war vehicles called the Combaticons. The leader Onslaught would lead Brawl, Blast Off, Vortex and Swindle into battle as they would go on to form the combat ready Bruticus.

Top 6

Technobots/ Comuptron

The Technobots (Scattershot - the leader, Afterburner, Strafe, Lightspeed and Nosecone) who would not only change into futuristic vehicles, but they would also combine to form the super intelligent Computron.

Top 7

Terrorcons/ Abominus

Hun-Grrrr - the leader, Rippersnapper, Bolt, Sinnertwin and Cutthroat would transform into hideous creatures and then would go on to form the giant Abominus.

Top 8

Predacons/ Predaking

They were a group of five survival animals lead by the lion king leader Razorclaw, Divebomb, Rampage, Headstrong and Tantrum would help Galvatron and would combine into the merciless Predaking.

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