Best Review - Top 8 Things to take care with a child whose parents are separated.


ivorce are really sad moments for couples I wish this may not happen to anyone. But if they have small children, who barely know how to tie shoe lace, or they only care about their toys(Basically for children aged 6-12), then you should definitely be careful of these things, failing which will not only ruin his/her childhood but will also hamper their ability to think and take decisions. Every child deserves to live a normal life (If not a happy one)

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Top 8

Crying in front of child's friends

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May be child was hiding it from his friends and try to live normal life.For God's sake don't go and spoil that happiness also.

Top 7

Don't cry in front of him

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A child should cry his heart out to the elder ones. The opposite of it should not happen. Child can go to depression.

Top 6

Dont bias childs mind towards anyone parent.

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Neither any human is perfect nor will ever be. Both parents love their child equally so a child should also do that if child's mind is biased then definitely it is manipulated. And manipulator must be sued for killing a child's innocence. Killing somebody's mind is worse than taking his life. Better kill that child his suffering will be negligible but don't manipulate it.

Top 5

Discrimination with other children.

Don't make him feel pity about his situation or give him special treatment and make him a child prodigy. Both ways are extremely harmful.

Top 4

Cant raise your child alone because you are busy? Then don't leave him with somebody elses family

There are boarding schools and orphanages use them he will enjoy with other children. At-least he will enjoy whatever he does. Don't let the child feel that he owes somebody because his parents could not raise him. He will hesitate to ask even for food, milk or a ball.

Top 3

Don't use them as a shield

I you are not daring enough to take big decisions of life then don't ask your child what to do while feuds ,and give explanation that you did this and that for your child's happiness. Take responsibility don't run away from them.Face the situation don't stand behind your child to protect yourself.

Top 2

Strictly don't allow anyone to ask that child about his parent's separation.

Tell your relatives/friends to mind their own business, that child is not here for somebody's entertainment. Leave the innocent soul with his toys and imaginary cartoon characters.Also a Child doesn't need somebody's sympathy.

Top 1

Keep children away from the reasons of their parents separation.

Please don't make them understand what your wife/husband did to you. Wait for them to grow up, be patient.First let them understand about Newton's law and Human Digestive system. Read them about fairy tales show them birds, animals, take them for picnic.

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These are the guidelines for Parents/Relatives/Family members/Friends on how to save an innocent's life. Some of the points are explained with the reasons that how it affects the child's mind. A depressed child lives 10-15 years lesser than a normal child.

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