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ere are Michelle89 from Squidoo's best sites about making money and herself!

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My Squidoo Earnings

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Looking for how much money a person makes on Squidoo? Here I will be posting how much money I make on Squidoo, Squidoo tips, and other useful information that I learn along the way. I am trying to make a monthly income online with Squidoo while working from home so follow along to see if I can accomplish my goal!

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My HubPages Earnings

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Looking for information about how much money people make with Well, here is my money journal for HubPages! Come back later to see my experiences and how much I've earned, if any! :)

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Commission Junctions Earnings

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Looking to make some extra cash with affiliate marketing? Well I have found the jackpot for you! Commission Junction is a fabulous website with unlimited options for you. In this article I will be covering what Commission Junction is, how it works, and keeping track of the money I make from it. Enjoy!

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How I Make Money Online

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Looking for ways to make money online? Well here I have five money journals from Squidoo, HubPages, Xomba, Best-Reviewer and Commission Junction to prove it is possible to work from home!

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Best-Reviewer Earnings

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Looking to see if people are making money off You've come to the right place! Follow along as I journey through Best Reviewer as a newbie!

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My Xomba Earnings

Looking to see if people actually make good money with Xomba? You've come to the right place! Follow along as I journey through Xomba as a newbie!

Top 7

About Me

Are you wondering who michelle89 is on Squidoo? How about who the heck is "Squidoo Girl" and whats her website about? Well, you've found the right place...heres me in a nutshell!

Top 8

My Recipes

I have started making so many food lenses I thought I'd start a lensography to keep track of them! Find recipes, nutriton facts, and random food ideas here! Enjoy!

Top 9

Squidoo Help

Find tips and advice for being successful on Squidoo!

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Miriam's picture

Hi there! I am a big squidoo

Hi there! I am a big squidoo fan too. Thanks for sharing your list and your experiences. I am new to this site and still bumping around and trying to make sense of it. Trying to get rid of that boo boo thing that I saw when I arrived : )

kiwisoutback's picture

I haven't made my first best

I haven't made my first best Reviewer article yet, but I can see that it's a great place to promote your work.