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he species of common snake to my area of North and East Texas. Yes, two of them are quite dangerous, but the King Snake is quite the cool fellow to have around. I promise!

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The Water Moccasin Or Cottonmouth

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This pit viper is deadly. It's also found most everywhere in the Southern United States and Texas. It's well known to be aggressive, but I feel that that is a bit over rated with this venomous viper. I had one slither right between my feet this past Spring while I was Bass fishing.

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The Copperhead

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Cousin to both the larger Water Moccasin and Rattlesnake - the Copperhead is rather less dangerous, as when it does bite and inject venom, it doesn't have the ability to inject very much. Still, there is a man in a video on this link who is a fool, and says that most folks who are bit by copperheads do not need medical attention. . .do you believe that? I dang sure don't, and if I'm ever snake bitten - someone better please call 911.

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The King Snake

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The King Snake is aptly named - for it's the snake that eats the venomous snakes in whichever region that it is in. Also, the King Snake is rather fond of eating rats and mice - now, you tell me, is this snake a friend, or not?

Top 4

Bothrops asper - The Lance Head Viper

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This Mexican and South American pit viper makes a rattlesnake look like a puppy dog.

Top 5

The Coral Snake

There is no anti venom in the USA for this snake. If a coral snake bites you, you're dead.

Top 6

The Indigo Snake

The indigo snake is an endangered species of snake that loves to eat rattlesnakes. It is also the largest snake native to North America.

Top 7

The Bullsnake

While bullsnakes may look like rattlesnakes, they aren't!

Top 8

The Rat Snake

Now the Rat Snakes of this world are not bad fellows, in fact, they even make better house guests than many another human you might have met.

The sad thing is that sometimes rat snakes are also known as "chicken snakes," but perhaps those are the rat snakes with the cancerous mindset that our bankers have.

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I hope you will read and enjoy these three articles about the snakes of Texas that I normally run into. . .but try not to. I certainly had a fine time telling the stories, and creating these articles.

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