Best Review - Top 8 Pieces of Flynn Rider's Costume to Buy!


f you want to dress up as Rapunzel's thief Flynn Rider (a.k.a Eugene Fitzherbert) for Halloween but don't have the skills, time or money to make a costume yourself, you can buy the various elements of his costume separately (there is currently no 'official' costume available to buy). It won't be an exact match, but everyone will know who you are!

This list of suggestions is aimed at men, but this really only matters for the shirt and pants. For accessories, a satchel, a crown, and of course one of his Wanted posters, are all good props, and there's even a Disney Tangled Flynn Rider Sword (with Sound Effects)

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The Doublet

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You are never going to find a perfect match to Flynn Rider's vest from the movie, but this reversible doublet is pretty close! The blue-green colour is even the same! It doesn't matter which 'reverse' colour you get.

Made of cotton, it laces up the front.
Price: $39.95 - $44.95

There's also the California Costumes Men's Valiant Knight Costume (the Green/brown option) which comes with a similar tunic, as well as (not so similar!) hose/trousers, and boot tops.

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Flynn Rider actually wears two belts - a thin one around his waist and a larger longer one looped around his hips. Bear in mind that if you're planning to get a belt pouch, many of them come with belts that will work for round the waist. For decent plain brown belts under $30 try this one or this one.

The longer belt has a tooled diamond pattern running along the middle - again, you won't find a perfect match, but you could look for something like the Western Rodeo Genune Leather Belt or the (less similarity, but cheaper) Men's Brown Genuine Leather Belt

The Bianchi Fancy Stitched Belt has a good match to the pattern, but is a bit too reddish in colour. The best match of all is probably the Ariat Womens Fatbaby Belt

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Flynn Rider just wears a plain, long sleeved white shirt, with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. The collar is short and not folded over, with one button. The Cubavera Men's Long Sleeve Shirt, Men's Banded Collar Shirt or Eddie Bauer Linen/Cotton Banded-Collar Shirt are both pretty cheap and would work fine (if you don't have a shirt of your own lying around somewhere!)

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Trousers (Pants)

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You'll need loose, grey-brown coloured trousers will be jammed into your boots. Flynn Rider's pants look like they're made of sackcloth (they probably aren't, but they look like it!). They don't have a zip and are probably held up by the belt - but you're unlikely to find many like that in the right colour! You could try these prAna Men's Sutra Pants, or these Hyde Men's Men's Practice Pants.
If you really want some normal looking pants you can wear in public on a normal day, try Carhartt Men's Canvas Utility Cargo Pant - you can hide the zip under the doublet.

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Finally, you'll need brown leather knee high boots. Think pirates or renaissance style. Again, you won't be able to match them exactly, but you can try Hook Adult Boots, Pirate or Renaissance Costume Old Time Boot Tops,Tall Pirate Boots, Pirate Boots,Men's Brown Pirate Costume Boots
or best of all, the Mens Rustic Black Pirate Boots

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The Wanted Poster

If you're looking for a Flynn Rider Wanted Poster to print out, and you aren't feeling artistic, AyameClyne on DeviantART tidied up the official movie poster and made it printable.

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The Belt Bag/ Pouch

While Flynn's got a larger shoulder satchel that he carries the crown in, he also wears a small brown leather pouch at his waist. If you search for fanny packs (or the more socially acceptable 'belt bag'!) you'll find a few good choices.

  • There's the small brown Tory Leather Soft Belt Bag (too rounded, but otherwise good)
  • The very cheap Leather Fanny Pack/Motorcyle Saddle Bag (only fault is that it's black, not brown)
  • The fantastic but fairly expensive Fossil Belt Bag
  • The beautiful, but very expensive Calleen Cordero Gavranita Belt Bag

  • Top 8

    The Crown

    This costume would hardly be complete without Flynn's most famous theft, the crown that started all the trouble, to top it off. The Official Disney Rapunzel Tiara is a perfect match and good quality, but quite expensive (it's very new, so that will probably come down a lot). Best to buy it for an actual Rapunzel.

    On the cheaper side, there's the Tangled Rapunzel Light Up Jewelry Set (Blister Card) (poor quality and for kids, but at least looks like Rapunzel's tiara.

    Or... a non-Rapunzel princess tiara like Tiara with Heart Stones (has gems like Rapunzel's), the Metal Faux Pearl Drop Tiara, or the Silver Princess Tiara (All under $10).

    You can even buy Tiaras With Heart Stones or Colorful Princess Party Tiaras in bulk.

    Do you like this top?

    If you want to double check what Flynn's costume looks like, check out this analysis of his costume. If you want to throw a matching Mother Gothel costume together, then see this page about cosplaying Mother Gothel, and this one about her costume accessories.

    And finally, here's an analysis of Rapunzel's pretty dress.

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    cindy's picture

    for the crown check your

    for the crown check your local disney store ... they might have a rapunzel crown .. I know they were selling them online too but there sold out right now .. so your best bet is to stop by your local disney store