Best Review - Top 8 New Costume Ideas to Try This Halloween


ren't you tired of seeing or wearing the same Halloween costume year after year after year? Why not wear something different this year? Perhaps you've already tried wearing superhero costumes, or even silly ones like a gigantic squid? Or perhaps your kids are tired of recycling their costumes every year? To help you add a little spice to your Halloween costume, here are some new ideas that you can readily try.

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Chinese Costumes for Kids and Adults this Halloween

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This lens shows different types of Chinese costumes, from traditional outfits to funny takeout costumes. You and your kids can choose from among a variety of choices. This lens also serves as a good product catalogue.

Top 2

Scottish Costume and Kilt Costume for Men and Women

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If you love Scotland or have Scottish roots, why not don something that resembles or reflects Scottish culture? Nothing says Scotland better than a kilt costume. This is also a great excuse for men to wear a skirt! And for women, if you think that a kilt costume is boring, try the sexy version.

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Soldier Costume for Kids

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If you want to honor our unsung heroes who fought hard in Iraq and other places of war, you might want to consider wearing a soldier costume. Or better yet, you can teach your kids how to appreciate the efforts of our soldiers who died for our country by encouraging them to wear a soldier costume. This lens is a collection of different types of soldier costume for kids. Browse through it, and you'll find the best costume that fits your child's taste and personality.

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Borat Costume

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Mankini, anyone? If you want to unleash your funny side this Halloween, you may want to purchase a mankini, or the male version of the bikini, which was popularized in the movie, Borat, which stars the amazingly talented Sasha Baron Cohen. Take note, even girls can wear a mankini. If you want to know how a girl would look like in a mankini, check out this lens.

Top 5

Blair Waldorf Costume

Gossip Girl is such a big hit worldwide. Why not wear a costume that resembles one of the main characters such as Blair Waldorf? Blair Waldorf is beautiful, classy, and very sophisticated. So if you can relate to Blair Waldorf, it's easy for you to pull off this look during Halloween.

Top 6

Japanese Geisha Costume

If you love Japanese culture and Japan, why not wear a Japanese geisha costume? If you think that this is a complicated costume to create or assemble, this lens will prove that it's easy. So check out this lens to know more about creating a geisha costume.

Top 7

C3PO Costume

If you love Star Wars, you probably know who C3P0 is. He is the golden robot who is always with R2D2. Though you can always create your own C3PO costume, there are ready-made costumes that you can purchase anytime you want. The only thing that you need to do is to learn the art of moving, speaking, and walking like a robot. So you might want to watch Star Wars again to learn how C3PO acts. But trust me, this will be a lot of fun!

Top 8

Frida Kahlo Costume

How about wearing a Frida Kahlo costume? If you don't know who Frida is, she was a Mexican feminist and painter who lived such an interesting life. Learn how to create a Frida Kahlo costume by checking out this lens.

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