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henever you are having a dinner party it is sometimes difficult to decide on what type of dessert to serve. Cake or Pie can sometimes be too heavy after a hearty meal. A good alternative is to serve some type of mousse. This dessert is light but satisfying. This list has eight very different mousse recipes, one of them is certain to be the perfect compliment to your meal or your next get together.

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Chocolate Mousse Recipe

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Chocolate mousse is a good choice for most occasions because chocolate is the most popular flavor of mousse. This recipe is so easy to make and the results are amazing! This is by far the most popular mousse recipe out there today.

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Oreo Mousse Recipe

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Oreo mousse is another good choice. Try this recipe for something different. Most people have never had an Oreo mousse before. This recipe is definitely a strong contender.

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Lemon Mousse Rrecipe

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Lemon mousse is a light a refreshing dessert that goes with just about any meal or occasion.

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Pumpkin Mousse Recipe

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Pumpkin mousse is a fun dessert in the fall around Halloween or Thanksgiving. This recipe tastes very similar to pumpkin pie but is lighter and creamier.

Top 5

Strawberry Mousse Recipe

Strawberry mousse is good anytime of year, but especially in the spring because of its pink color. It is perfect for Valentine's Day or even Mother's Day.

Top 6

Raspberry Mousse Recipe

Raspberry mousse is a unique dessert that most people have never had. This recipe will have your guests wanting more!

Top 7

Mango Mousse Recipe

This is the most difficult mousse recipe to make in this list. It really isn't all that hard, just very time consuming. If you like mango, it is definitely worth making though.

Top 8

Vanilla Mousse Recipe

If you are a vanilla lover then this is the best choice for you. This recipe is light and creamy with a rich vanilla flavor.

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There are eight great mousse recipes to choose from. I'm sure one of them will be an excellent choice for your next get together. Be sure to keep in mind that each mousse has its own distinctive taste so not every type of mousse will work for every occasion. You may also want to consider serving more than one type of mousse since people's taste vary from one person to another. Chocolate mousse is always a great choice, but consider adding a fruit flavored mousse to your party for those who do not like chocolate. Even a vanilla mousse would be a nice compliment to the standard chocolate mousse.

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