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here are plenty of Kindle Keyboard cases to choose from. Plenty of Kindle Keyboard cases already are available because the Kindle Keyboard is simply the Kindle 3 with a name change. So unlike the Kindle Touch or Kindle Fire you can find a Kindle Keyboard cover right now.

Below I've included a list of 8 different Kindle Keyboard case reviews. Again it is worth saying, covers you find which are for the Kindle 3 will work for the Kindle Keyboard because it is the same device.

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Leather Lighted Kindle Cover

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This Kindle Keyboard case which is made by Amazon offers a built in reading light. The light is powered by the Kindle's battery so the case adds little bulk or weight.

Top 2

rooCase Protective Kindle Case

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The rooCase is a thick protective Kindle Keyboard cover. It's internal padding is one of the best I could find. The case is designed for travel or storing your Kindle Keyboard. In all there are 5 colors to choose from.

Top 3

KCase Leather Kindle Keyboard Cover

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The KCase is by far the cheapest leather Kindle cover around, selling for under ten dollars. The review includes both the pros and the cons of the cover.

Top 4

Leather Kindle Case Stand

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Kindle case stands are a great way to always carry a reading stand without having to add any additional bulk. This Kindle case stand by Acase is adjustable and is comparable in size to a standard leather cover.

Top 5

Protective Kindle Keyboard Case

Another very cheap (Under 10 dollars) Kindle Keyboard case. This protective cover by Gizmo Dorks is designed for storage only. Simply unzip the cover to take it off and you are ready to use your Kindle.

Top 6

Kindle Keyboard Skins

Skins aren't like most cases. Kindle skins are thin, often vinyl 2 piece cases which cover only the front and back of the device.

Top 7

Kindle Bag

This one isn't a case at all. Instead, a messenger style carrying bag. It is built to store a KIndle along with additional room for storing chargers, a notebook, etc.

Top 8

Cheap Rubber Kindle Keyboard Case

This is a thin silicone case which is great for anyone that wants to add a little protection to their Kindle without taking away from the look and feel that the ereader has.

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I hope this Kindle Keyboard case list was helpful. If you are having a problem finding cases, be cure to search for Kindle 3 or 3rd generation cases as well.

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