Best Review - Top 8 Web Tips In July 2011

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Survival Back to Basics - Choosing Land for Survival

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Knowing How to Choose Land to Live On or for Purchase is Critical - It may seem obvious but, so often overlooked is the fact, the presence, above or below ground, and availability of fresh usable water is critical. This post is about back to basics choosing land, land to live on, land which has usable water. Another of the great back to basics web tips.

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Why Writing Original Content Helps Mak Money Writing Online

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this post covers is back to basics about making money writing original content and making money writing original content online. If Google is serious about clamping down on plagiarized content and content farms, meaning websites that do little or nothing to prevent non original content from being posted, then it’s time to get back to basics and make sure we as writers and content producers do those things that lead to good original posts. In other words; content farms better watch their Content Online. They better be getting started helping the online making money efforts or their content producers and encouraging them about online writing original content.

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Asia Travel Log - Central Java Indonesia - Borobudur Hindu Temple and Aman Jiwo Hotel

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The Borobudur is the world’s largest Buddhist Temple and is is so precious the United Nations UNESCO assisted in reconstruction of the temple with a $25 million dollar grant because of the uniqueness of the place. Nearby, but so well hidden you won't find it unless you know already how to get there, is the Aman Jiwo Hotel. Voted five times the most exotic hotel in the world.

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Basics for Beginners Wanting to Sell on eBay

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In some ways selling on eBay is easy and in other ways selling on eBay can be difficult and frustrating. But the rewards and opportunities if you can learn to sell on eBay can be very big. eBay is indeed a great place to sell online. Selling on eBay can be big because eBay is one of the world’s largest marketplaces, online or offline. Step by step info on how to do business on ebay. Provides ebay basics so you can do ebay business with your own ebay business account. Great help on how to start an ebay business.

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Survival Skills - Basics We Need to Know for Worse Case Scenarios

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Doing things the old fashion way, the back to basics way that is what this web tip is about. If there ever comes a need to live with limited modern technology then it is my hope that some will have found these articles and blog posts and printed them out for safe keeping, being able in the future to use them, perhaps even to save their lives and those of their family. Part of a series of back to basics knowledge and basic survival skills. Your family and kids outdoor survival skills will improve greatly using this information. Learn survival skills for wilderness and everyday survival skills for almost any environment.

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The Good, The Bad and the Ugly Truth About Audio Books

Another way to multi-task your life. Audio books were created because of our lifestyle today. People who have busy routines can add change to their lives as they listen.

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Fullfil a Lifelong Dream - Plan and Build a Private Personal Library

Here is what you need to do, the steps you need to take in order to start, and complete organizing a library, your own personal library on a budget.

Top 8

Building a Home Internet Business Understanding Affiliate Networks

Great article that clarifies and helps reader understand the ins and outs of working with or for Affiliate Networks. Affiliate networks are a good Internet Business strategy. Using internet marketing properly a small internet business can prosper with sufficient understanding of affiliate networks.

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