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nfolinks is the perfect companion for AdSense. Why? Because Infolinks is at the moment only about text-links unlike Chitika which offers other kind of ads primarily and only has text-links as a bonus. Infolinks is identical to Kontera, but when we review the actual earnings, the order goes like this: first infolinks, then kontera and finally chitika. At least that's my experience.. About adbrite, I don't know if they have a text-link option nowadays, it's been years since I've last displayed their ads on my sites. But still when you login infolinks you'll see that the earnings are very small compared to adsense. I would say about 10 times less. Yes, that much! But at the same time, adsense has a lot of screen estate, meaning it takes a lot of space whereas infolinks only underline a few words in your text, so it takes like no space at all and goes well with adsense because it doesn't affect adsense's ctr. Once again that's my experience. So anyway, if you have joined infolinks already and want to integrate it on yoru page, I'll list here several well known platforms and how to integrate infolinks. It is a no non-sense explanation, very direct and to the point. It has been written by infolinks themselves, so you know you can trust it. I'm only republishing it here in case you've missed their post on their blog.

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Login to your Drupal site. Click on “Structure”, and then on “Blocks”. Afterwards, select “Add New Block”. In the New Block, paste the Infolinks script into your Block body section and enter a description (you can just write “Infolinks”). Make sure that the text format is set to “Full html” and set the Region Settings to “footer”. Once these steps are completed, the ads will appear on your site!
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To add the Infolinks script manually to your WordPress template please login to your WordPress dashboard and add the infolinks script at the bottom of the footer file (called ‘footer.php’) in the appearance editor right before the closing html tag.
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Log in to your Joomla website. Go to”Template Manager” under the Extensions menu, click on your current Template option. Look for the “Edit HTML” icon or click on “Edit Main Page Template”. Paste the Infolinks Script right before the closing html tag. Click on ‘Save’ button and it’s done!
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Login to your Blogger account, click on “Template” and then “Edit HTML”. Find the tag and paste the Infolinks script just above it. Once the script is there, click on “Save Template” and you’re good to go!
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To integrate the ads into your vBulletin site, access the vBulletin control panel. Go to the SHOWTHREAD template and paste the Infolinks script just above the closing tag. If you have a vBulletin 3 Blog as an add-on, you will need to paste the Infolinks script in the BLOG template, just before .
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Login to your phpBB control panel. Go to ACP, then to Styles, click on “Templates” and edit the Overall_footer.html file. Add the code just above the tag. And that’s it!
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Access your Weebly account and click on “Edit” next to your registered Weebly site. Go to Settings and then click on “Search Engine Optimization”. In the “Footer Code” area paste the Infolinks script and click on “Save”. Click on “Publish” to finalize the process and voila! The ads are working.
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Click on the “Preferences” icon. In the new window click on “Customize your Blog” then select “edit html” and scroll to the bottom of the code window to place the Infolinks script right before the tag. Then click on “Update Preview” and Save!
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Once again I'll say it, infolinks adsense is a winning couple, and personally I think adsense is very stupid not to offer a text-links option, but maybe they do it on purpose because the founders of google have shares in infolinks and kontera and chitika, that wouldn't surprise me.. :-)

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