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ave you ever heard of the saying 'Laughter is the best medicine'? Indeed, it is a 'comic' relief. Humor relieves tension and brings a smile that wipes away your tears. Moreover, through humor, you get to appreciate the best things in life. Nobody said life is easy. So when you are having difficulty, just sit back for a while and laugh it out! Check out these pages that will surely brighten your day.

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Why It's Called Magical Meatloaf Sauce

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Here is the story of Magical Meatloaf Sauce! Have a taste of the best meat loaf recipes. Tasty vegetarian and gluten-free meatloaf recipes are available here too!

Top 2

A Day In the Life of Minnie, my Teacup Yorkie

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Join this Yorkie adventure! Get inspired by the story of Minnie, a cute and adorable Yorkshire Terrier.

Top 3

How to Look Like Lady Gaga for Halloween or Other Events

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Read some hilarious quotes by Lady Gaga. Dress up like Lady Gaga for Halloween and other events.

Top 4

Bubble Wrap for Fun and Therapy

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Have fun and release stress. Start popping bubble wrap! Check out various ways to pop out bubble wrap and enjoy the different 'pop' sounds as bubbles burst!

Top 5

Repeal Murphy's Law!

Support the call for repeal of Murphy's law. Here is a selection of Repeal Murphy's Law products. Grab one and fill the world with positive thoughts!

Top 6

A Day in the LIfe of Queenie, my Bichon Frise

Be touched by the story of this lovely Bichon Frise named Queenie! She's pretty funny too.

Top 7

I Think It's Time to Repeal Murphy's Law!

It is time to repeal foolish laws such as Muphy's law! Support this line of products that promote repeal of Murphy's law.

Top 8

Gaga For Gaga, Lady Gaga, That Is!

More Lady Gaga wisdom...Anything Gaga is here! If you are an avid fan of the superstar Lady Gaga, then this page is just for you.

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Interesting Squidoo pages.

Interesting Squidoo pages. Thanks.