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quidoo is a well respected site that allows it's members to create lenses, web pages that focus on just about any topic that you can think of. Squidoo is so popular that lensmasters have created well over 1 million lenses. These are some guides that can not only show you how to use Squidoo, but also how to be successful at making money from Squidoo.

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Do You Squidoo? (Kindle Edition)

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When Seth Godin launched Squidoo, he opened up an entirely new way for website owners to drive targeted traffic to their sites. In this exclusive report by New York Times Best Seller Joel Comm, you will learn the winning strategies and techniques for using Squidoo to draw more people to your website. With practical suggestions that you can instantly implement, you'll find this book to be an invaluable resource in the Web 2.0 age.

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Squidoo Profits Step By Step Guide (Kindle Edition)

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Are YOU using FREE advertising to make money on the internet yet? If you're not, you're leaving Visitors and Money on the table! You're missing out on one of the most powerful free advertising mediums that has ever hit the internet.

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Squidoo Basics - How To Market And Promote Your Sites (Kindle Edition)

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A highly readable and instructive booklet that will guide you through the set-up of your Squidoo page and how to use it to promote your other sites.

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All About Squidoo (Kindle Edition)

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Squidoo has become a wonderful Web 2.0 site that all online businesses should be using to increase their sales and profits. Squidoo is very simple and easy to set up, with little on-going work needed on the users part. This guide will tell you how to properly use it and become a respected community member. It is very important that you do not start out wrong. Having the right Squidoo lens and the right content can attract a flood of new traffic to your site, that can turn into paying customers! That is the focus of "All About Squidoo".

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How To Use Squidoo - The Power Of Recommendation (Kindle Edition)

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Are you a lensmaster? How many lenses that you have published are getting traffic on a weekly basis? Are you earning commissions? There is so much you can do on Squidoo which is a mini webpage for FREE.

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Five Minute Traffic Trick - How To Get Instant Traffic To Your Squidoo Lenses (Kindle Edition)

This trick was discovered by accident. We created a lens for one Clickbank affiliate program and added tracking to the Clickbank URL. A few hours later when stats were checked, it was discovered that we had made 3 sales from the Squidoo lens that we had made. We were shocked! So we stopped everything and logged on to Squidoo to see what was happening. We looked at the lens stats and discovered that we had 198 visits to the lens in just a few hours. We had done just ONE thing differently when we created this lens.

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50 powerful Squidoo tactics for internet business owners (Kindle Edition)

Get started using Squidoo to make more money and promote your business, today.

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Squidoo How To Guide (Kindle Edition)

There are many ways to use websites like Squidoo but one of the best is to use it to promote your online (and sometimes offline) business. Squidoo is a website where individuals are able to create one page, web pages that detail a single topic. The owner calls these pages lenses and they work as a tool to allow anyone to communicate on just about any topic they would like to. Simple and straightforward, they are one of the simplest of methods to creating interesting feedback for your business, too.

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Whether you are already a lensmaster on Squidoo, or you are thinking of joining Squidoo, these guides could be a good resource. If you haven't joined Squidoo yet, CLICK HERE. Note: The author does not endorse any of these guides, nor guarantee that the information within them will help to create Squidoo lenses or earn you money from doing so. Much depends on the individual as to the success that can be had with Squidoo.

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Interesting! I hadn't seen

Interesting! I hadn't seen most of these. Thanks for the list!

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Great list ..I'll be sure to

Great list ..I'll be sure to use some of these

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interesting post :) great

interesting post :) great work:)
good referrals congrats

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Hi - still looking. Another

Hi - still looking. Another great job. I FB/Twitter it as I know there are many out there that have issues with this website. I thought it would help them. I only did one. It took me forever and then the link never worked. I just moved on...

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Great list, but I don't have

Great list, but I don't have or plan to buy a Kindle. Do these come in any other form?

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thanks for the useful info

thanks for the useful info and links!