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uying gifts is all about identifying the interests and passions of the people receiving the gift. That's not always easy, but in some cases it can be. For those who love music, there are of course a number of options. Here are a few recommendations.

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Satellite Radio

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Satellite radio provides outstanding audio quality, a huge selection of music, and commercial free listening. It is a subscription service that costs just over $10/month. Add in a receiver for the home or car, and any music lover should find happiness.

Top 2

Logitech Squeezebox

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Internet radio is the service that's stealing the attention of music lovers. It offers listening from stations all around the world. It's truly limitless. Music, podcasts, news, and more. There are thousands of free stations and many paid services such as Slacker, Pandora, and Rhapsody from which to choose. The Logitech Squeezebox provides a wireless way of enjoying all of this entertainment in addition to the music on a media player or on a computer. It's priced as low as $179 or, for those who prefer a touch screen, $278.

Top 3

Insignia Portable Radio

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HD radio offers a greater selection of stations than traditional FM radio. The audio quality is also superior and can be compared to satellite radio in this regard. It has fewer interruptions than traditional radio and has no monthly fee like satellite radio. The only thing you need to purchase is the device. There are plenty of home receivers but for those who like to go out and about with their HD radio, the Insignia Portable Radio offers a very affordable alternative, priced under $50.

Top 4

Myine Abee Commercial Free Radio

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Maybe you know someone who loves the music on FM radio but doesn't relish the talk and banter or the ads. The Myine Abee commercial free radio is able to eliminate the extraneous noise and give listeners only the music they love in much the same way that a TiVO does for television. It can record the music as an MP3 file and even store it on an included MP3 player. This means that listeners get all of the music with none of the noise. They can even take it on the road with them.

Top 5

Bose Quiet Comfort 15 Noise Cancelling Headphones

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It doesn't matter what form of music someone is enjoying, if there is too much extraneous noise, they won't enjoy it. Noise cancelling headphones actively block background noise and allow listeners to get higher quality audio. The Bose Quiet Comfort 15 noise cancelling headphones offer full spectrum noise reduction and a comfortable fit. They are perfect for true audiophiles.

Top 6

Nokia 5530 XPressMusic

Some cell phones are great music phones. They offer good sound and plenty of entertainment features to enjoy music files as well as video. Some however, offer FM radio as well. The Noikia 5530 is a fine example of this. It can be purchased unlocked and used with any GSM service provider.

Top 7

Finis Waterproof MP3 Player

Know someone who loves their tunes and would enjoy being able to listen even when swimming laps? The Finis Waterproof MP3 player can store up to 60 MP3 or WMA files. It uses bone conduction to achieve a higher quality listening experience even underwater.

Top 8

Zune HD

Sure the iPod players are all very popular but there are other media players that are just as good. The Zune HD 32GB can store up to 8,000 songs or 48 hours of video. It offers HD quality listening and viewing on a 3.3" screen, radio, and with Bluetooth, users can even check e-mail, browse the web, and download games and music too.

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There are plenty of options for music lovers, and choosing the right gift for them is easy.

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