Best Review - Top 8 Gags and Hidden Easter Eggs From Google Like Do A Barrel Roll


ype "Do a barrel roll" into Google search bar and hold on to your hat...You just might get a little queasy in the knees...Gotta love it...That's just one of the little tricks that Google has up it's sleeves...I've chosen my favorite ones for this Top List...

Search for "Do a barrel roll" on Google Search
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Do A Barrel Roll

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Enter the search phrase "do a barrel roll" in Google Search Engine and watch your screen turn a cartwheel..well kinda...

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Enter "Google Gravity" in the search bar...Hit "I'm feeling lucky" (if you have Google Instant enabled, it's on the right hand side of the suggested searches)...Then watch your world fall down.

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Simply search for the word "askew." in the Google search engine...We dare you not to tilt your head.

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Nostalgia is thy name...And playing Pac-man is my game...It's a Google Doodle that fun to play too!!!...Just try not to let you boss catch you...

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Spam, To read or to Eat...That is the Question...

Fine Dining With Spam...If you go to your Spam Folder in Gmail, you'll notice that where you might expect to see an ad of some type, you instead see a recipe that features Spam as the main ingredient...Spam Imperial Tortilla Sandwiches, anyone?...Or how about Spam Quiche?... For other gastronomical options that feature the pink slab, keep checking your Gmail Spam box...

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Snake in the YouTube Video

Not sure if this one is technically a Google gag or not since it's in YouTube...If you're stuck watching a yawn-inducing YouTube video--a training clip at work, for instance--alleviate your boredom by playing a game of Snake in the video window. (Never played Snake? It's a low-tech throwback in which the player maneuvers a long, thin "snake" around the screen, trying to engulf a series of blinking dots without hitting the sides of the window.) To activate the game, pause the YouTube clip, hold down the left-arrow key for at least 2 seconds (and keep holding), and then press the down-arrow key. Voilà! Snake appears over the video.

Top 7

Soaring Across Google Earth

Buried in the free mapping program Google Earth is a nifty flight simulator that lets you either hop into the cockpit of an F16 fighter jet or a lightweight SR22 propeller-powered airplane. To access the flight simulator in Google Earth, open the program and press Ctrl-Alt-A on your keyboard (Command-Option-A on a Mac). In addition, Google provides keyboard shortcuts for desktop pilots.

Top 8

Steve Irwin Wrestling With a Crocodile (or is that an Alligator)?

If you spin round to the waterfront side of the Sydney Opera House in Australia in Google 3D Warehouse, you’ll find a model of the late wildlife expert and adventurer Steve Irwin wrestling a crocodile.

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Google's definitely got it

Google's definitely got it going on !!!