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any Americans have food allergies that effect their lives daily. Some may not even know they are allergic to some foods as the symptoms are similar to other medical problems. Below are the Top 8 foods that people are allergic to.

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Cow's milk is the usual culprit for this allergy, but beware of other sources of milk too.

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Egg allergy is most common for children and most outgrow it by the time they are adults.

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Peanut allergy can be deadly if it causes anaphylaxis, a swelling of the throat causing loss of breathing.

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Tree Nuts

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Tree nuts include, but are not limited to, walnut, almond, hazelnut, coconut, cashew, pistachio, and Brazil nuts.

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This includes fish such as bass, flounder and cod.

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Includes any fish in a shell like crab, lobster or shrimp.

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Soy is a product of the soybean and soy can be found in many foods that you would not think it may be in. Always check the label!

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Wheat and wheat flour are in many, many products like bread, cereal, noodles, soups and even ketchup!

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If you are having consistent problems or suspect that you allergic to a certain food, then you should consult a doctor to see if you are allergic. Your doctor will then advise you on the proper treatment and care you should take to avoid this particular food. Food labels are a lot better these days and list any ingredients that are included that cause allergic reactions.

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