Best Review - Top 8 Favorite Nail Polish Colors


avorite nail polish colors have been around for quite some time now. Fortunately, for all the nail art lovers there are new hues and shades of nail polish colors developed all the time and thank goodness, for the entire line of constant all time favorite basic nail colors that women have enjoyed wearing for many years.

One of the best things about all the different nail colors available is that there are so many from which you may choose to use. You might choose to use just one color or you might choose to use many different colors while creating your own personal nail art designs. Here are the top nail polish colors that we can all enjoy, while picking and choosing from all the different lovely color tones.

Favorite Nail Polish Colors
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Top 1

Orange Nail Polish Colors

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One of the most popular nail polish colors today is orange nail polish colors. They come in quite a lovely assortment from dark to light. Orange is a lovely nail color that you can use to help create some lovely nail art designs.

Top 2

Purple Nail Polish Colors

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Next in line as one of the most favorite nail polish colors, are the purple nail polish colors. They are available in a large and lovely assortment of beautiful purple nail colors that range from pale frost to deep rich purple shades and hues. If you love purple, you are bound to find some interesting and fun purple nail polish colors.

Top 3

Red Nail Polish Colors

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Although, red nail polish colors have enjoyed being the number one nail color for many years, today it takes third place in the line up of favorite nail colors. The good news is that there are many more shades and hues of red polish we can use to create nail art designs.

Top 4

Blue Nail Polish Colors

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Blue nail polish colors are beautiful and are available in a wide assortment of lovely fun colors you can use to create your own nail art.

Top 5

Black Nail Polish Colors

Running along in fifth place as one of the favorite nail polish colors is black nail color. It is also available in some beautiful deep rich shades and hues.

Top 6

Pink Nail Polish Colors

Pink nail polish colors are very feminine and sexy. Fortunately, for nail art lovers it comes in all sorts of lovely shades you can use to mix and match with all your other favorite colors to create some lovely nail art designs.

Top 7

Green Nail Polish Colors

If you love green, you will be thrilled to find some fun and sassy green nail polish colors to help complete the looks of many different nail art designs.

Top 8

Yellow Nail Polish Colors

Last but, not in the least are the yellow nail polish colors you can find while searching for your favorite nail polish colors to add to your nail polish collection.

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If you are a nail art lover or know someone who is, you are bound to find some of your all time favorite nail polish colors as well as some new and interesting nail colors you can add you your nail polish collection. Having many, different colors of nail polish can help you to create some of the most interesting and attractive nail art designs.

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