Best Review - Top 8 Event Decorating Tips and Tricks


eed some ideas to help you plan the decor for your next event or party? These articles will help you decide and complete your Plan of Action as it pertains to the decor. Enjoy!

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Event Decor | What is a Vignette?

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Have you heard the term "vignette" as it pertains to decorating? This article gives you the definition and the ability to build one yourself!

Top 2

Centerpieces for your Wedding or Event

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Tips for choosing just the right centerpiece for your event!

Top 3

How to Fold Napkins

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Add a flair to your next home party or large event by using a napkin fold! Videos and pictures show you how!

Top 4

Tips for Planning Decor for a Themed Gala

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Top 7 tips are here for you to use to have a successful event!

Top 5

Facts You Should Know as you Plan an Event

Some facts and tips to help you have the best event ever!

Top 7

Event Decor Committee - What are My Duties?

Helps you understand your role as an Event Decor Committee Member

Top 8

It's About More Than Just the Centerpiece - Themed Events

Have a wildly successful themed event by transporting your guests through your decor.

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